Monday, August 2, 2010

just when you thought you lost it

Having a lunch conversation with Jun Yeu we mentioned how we lost inspiration to write songs and we only did covers so far I actually did feel sad about it. I felt like I lost something I thought I had and will forever have with me. I took it for granted that it will always come when i need it so when I did have a thought I was too lazy to pen it down.

Well after dinner and after listening to a bit of Michelle Branch and I thought of the guy who can make me smile so wide and hold it for so long that my face would hurt, I had it. Well i only got to 2 lines, then I was about to just close the notepad and then I told myself "NO! sit down and continue this, if it sucks that's natural you can just edit it later." 2 minutes later it was done, I knew how I wanted it to sound. I got my guitar (who is still nameless) out of the closet and I had it. I could hear Tzer showering outside my room but I still had it done and I was soo happy I felt like accomplished something great :D

Video might be up soon.