Wednesday, December 31, 2008

stuck at home with this shit

i've been like figuring out this blogger thingy for 4 hours already. so no life! and i just read nicole's blog about her b'day and i felt so sad man.. like the only chance i get to meet everyone all in one shot and my fucking flight got fucking delayed for fucking 3 hours!! screw you MAS screw you!!!!!! screw the 500 yuen voucher i didn't need tht I needed a gathering with people I love and missed. I'm demanding another airlines nxt time. thinking of celebrating my b'day too but then i've this thing that i think no one will come...

gah gotta go for my sibling's orientation esok in the morning bleh shit and lunch with family.. it's like the only time i ever get to go out i guess so better make the most of it =/ waiting for 5th Feb!! not cause it's my b'day (well sorta) I'm just waiting to get my b'day prezzie (which my mum's been hinting is a guitar) heh. now if only someone will get me case to go with it ha ha *hints*


oh i took Ivan's (my tall "bro") shoelacing obsession into my own. i did the pentagram one for my sis's shoe. it's a pentagram. damn nice right? the shoe i mean not my lacing la i'm not tht perasan! ha ha

oh and i'm so into HIM again and i'm talking about His Infernal Majesty (HIM) seriously how can Ville Valo be so so gorgeous!! it's unfair for women!! LOL.

Note to self: Coselaw Dressing tastes horrible with ceasar Salad. get the proper dressing next time!

new blog! & shanghai PMR results

ok yeah at first i had xanga cause Lizzie told me to get one and everyone else was using xanga too now everyone's using blogspot so i'm like ok whatever at first.. and then now I'm like ok ok i'll join the crowd :P

so yh first post still contemplating if I should link back to my xanga.. hmm.. ah like anyone bothers to read tht anyways>>>

yah the old blog and this blog name are the same. I'm not emo by label ok!

Wah a lot to write for my first post ah xD

ok Shanghai actually we were following my dad on a business trip and while he was making deals and doing business and stuff raking in money my mum, sis, bro and I went shopping. 3 days in a row.

pollution was that bad
  1. 25th: night before the flight I was sick like really sick, vomitted non-stop, went to the airport and vomited, on the plane I vomitted, landed and vomitted and i just slept the whole day and night in the hotel. Temperature was like 2-10 degrees C wind force 4 all the way during our trip there. while i was sleeping family went walking around and came back freezing and they had their first meal in Shanghai and everyone said it was awful. Lucky me that i was having a vomitting fest?

  2. 26th: feeling better and dad had to go for meeting so the rest of us took a taxi to go.. shopping duh! I got a pair of black and red Chuck Taylor's high tops, a black Chanel top, blue scarf. all together spent less than RM100!! Guy selling me the Converse shoes freaked me out :S and then when I was hailing a taxi to go back to the hotel 2 guys on motorbikes stopped to give me a lift but my mum quickly came to my rescue.

  3. 27th: shopping again. This time I only bought a Polo red top and 2 pairs Tiffany and Co earrings. 3 guys stalking me :S they totally freaked me out!! then we went to the Bund which is just like a long river thing, kinda like Hong Kong. Contacted Phoebe a bit. We walked all the way there. My sis was like dead by the time we got back. Thank you Trinity for training us to talk a lot. I wasn't tired at all. when we got back to the hotel my dad and I still had energy to take a walk at night.

  4. 28th day: daddy was free today so we went sightseeing a bit sadly i forgotten the name of the places but i took a few pics. Some Jade Buddha Temple dunno what ha ha and The Bund which is like this stretch of River where you can see light shows at night. Kinda like Hong Kong. Then we went shopping yet again. this time 2 guys were stalking us but the taller one was the one following me the most :S he kept talking to me and saying all sorts of crap and i just kept hugging on to my daddy but he was like oblivious to the fact that i was trying to get away from that guy and they entered some shop without telling me and i was left alone with that guy and he even gave me his number and said "Call Me" i was like uhh... he was my type all in black and nice hair but too forward that it freaked me out and while walking around he kept trying to hold my hand but i kept shaking him off. Flattering but yh freaky. I mean what ever happened to giving a bouquet of flowers anonymously first? ha ha. I didn't call of course. =P oh yeah i contacted phoebe a bit there too but didn't have time to hang out :(

  5. 29th day: flying back already and Nicole's b'day dinner was on my shedule when i get back but then our flight got delayed 3 hours so i cldn't make it after all. :( we got 500RMB food voucher at least. Got home unpacked and all that shit the usual stuff la. oh yh forgot to mention in Shanghai all i ate was KFC, Mc D and bread oh and japanese. tht was the safest food so far ha ha.

Today PMR results are out and Kim got 5As. not bad cause she did it all on her own without tuition or any of that crap. Real proud of her. poor thing was so nervous and she was really scared when she only got 5As cause i got 6 so she thought she was going to kena from our parents but mum was really happy. seriously we only do these exams for our parents and what makes them happy makes us happy too. well tht's how i see it. I feel everything i'm doing now is just to make them happy not to make me happy. I'm just hoping happiness for me will come along the way as I continue trying to please them. Like now i'm going to Melb Uni to do architecture just cause tht's what my parents want from me when what I wanted was psychology but i see the logic in their reasoning i guess..

ok submitting my first post to see how it turns out now =D blogspot photo shit sucks shit!