Wednesday, February 25, 2009

this blog is going into hibernation

Yeah while Jun Yeu's blog may start up some time for now mine will be abandoned till further notice because being back in melb just leaves me so busy especially with Trinity's O week and all. It's been fucking awesome here so far and I'm getting tired of saying hi to every random stranger.

I'm gonna have to start doing that all over again in Uni anyways. I just wanna settle down with like a close group of friends like last year (sadly they're all going to Monash) so yeah..

But seriously Trinity Resid has been awesome! the activities the people and even the food beats AH food any day!

I'll mostly be updating my facebook now so if anyone cares hit me up there! Upoading last last night's photos I didn't bring my camera to the Supernova party cause I thought it would get messy and it did! Messier than the casino night and byt the time I got back I was covered in dirt, sand, drinks and glow stick paint, oh and those coloured zinc sticks and sweat as well.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

5th day

finally!! someone else in my corridor, James Chruchill (i think i spelt tht right) nice guy. I'm writing about yesterdfay today so I kinda forgotten most details.

All I know is that I'm slowly adjusting here and I quite like it honestly and the seniors are just fabulous!! Like I missed the St Kilda thing yesterday but then I joined htem for kovie night (I already started my late night snacking SHIT!)

I think it was Strictly Ballroom, I know the name is like.. uh... but I really like the movie. sadly only 3 of us first years showed up. WAi hoe and Grace ditched me to go to Big W -__- but it's ok we had a good time.

Then we went to Behan to see (and envy) the third year's rooms! AND REALLY I DO ENVY!! It's wonderful they're all so nice let me name them; Edwina, Yien (I just learnt her name is NOT spelt like the japanese currency Yen after all), Yun, Aru (who is not really a senior by tht much) Jocelyn, Michelle, Simon, David, Sophie.. hmm did I miss anyone out? hope not.

supposedly go to Yien's room to dance but ended up chatting instead. Am at leeper now spamming my blog updating all of my posts and updating my facebook as well.

2nd day at trinity

Was even too busy to blog yesterday. Or write my blog on MS words. Anyways what did I do again? Oh yeah woke up unpacked, got another box and another luggage bag. Unpacked those. Then went to pay Daniel Loh a visit at his office in Clayton. (my dad rented a car). Sky photographing! I just had to since clouds were rare in melb especially patches of them in the afternoon. Came back around 6.30 just in time for the Night Market excursion. Met like several other freshers. Too lazy to go into details of them. Night Market reminded me of Joyce Amanda and Evie!! :’(


Oh yeah there’s a girl here whose name is also Amanda and she’s also from Singapore. She’s the same classes as Jun Hoe I heard. But don’t worry Ama there’s only one MAN like you!


Anyways I found out that Joyce and Evie were staying near me (for the time being) the whole time!! ASDFGHJKL!!!! But I was super and I mean super busy with settling in and N-week (which is still going on) anyways so I don’t have time to see them again though I wanna! We should have an AH gathering at CS since it’s like between all of us.


After night market we went to safeway and hoe bought a fucking lot of shit man!!! Luckily my dad was here and offered a lift back. But after that wai hoe realised he should have taken advantage of the car and bought soap. Oh well..


Went to CS around 11.30 and came back at 1.30am. I had to follow him because he has this bombastic thought that he would get ass-raped if he walked alone. WDF! On our way out of Trinity we bumped into Abby and Clinton and the others sorry can’t remember yr names of who was there. They offered us some cocktail some passionfruit thing which was nice but I was worried about the sugar content inside so I only took 2 sips and Hoe drank the rest and he was kinda tipsy and red after tht. We had a lot of laughs with our AH buddies. Sigh I miss them. Finally went home at like 1.30am.


Around 2am wai hoe called my room saying there was a huge ass insect in his room. And he was fucking scared. So me being super nice! =D went all the way to his room a building away on the TOP FLOOR! And the hilarious thing was the insect took over his room because he didn’t dare to stay in the same room with it so he went out. Then he tried to open the door for me but he spoilt his keycard. Then we went all the way back to my room, called the emergency number and requested to get the room opened. The guy that answered the phone was an asswipe hypocrite. He was all nice on the phone then he forgotten to hang up the phone and I heard him say “These kids are such a pain in the arse”. FUCK YOU! But thanks for opening the ddoor for my friend.


Then when the door was opened there was still the insect problem. Actually it was worse. There was a beetle and a huge cricket as well. I caught them both, released the cricket but left the beetle in the box and threw it in the bin. The beetle was vicious! It was making loud scraping noises in the box that you can hear 5 feet away!


Finally crashed at 4am… Craig Choong Wai Hoe you are one effing hilarious shit~!

got photos but lazy to upload now...

first day in trinity

I’ve no internet connection here yet.. -.- how come wai hoe gets a cable and I don’t?


I was restlessly asleep during the flight if that makes sense to you. Like I kept tossing and turning in my seat. Plus my butt was not just itching but literally aching to get oof the seat. I hate long flights seriously. Delayed lagi because of one passenger. Grr... WTH Nicole came into business class to say hi to eric but was so inconsiderately considerate to not wake me up :P 

I hope I had burned all the calories I gained eating on the plane today. The moment I landed it was luggage heaving all the way. I already had 3 hand carried items in addition to another 2 luggages and a box. My checked in registered a total of 65.7kg!! I thought I reduced!!! Apa terjadi?


Oh gosh today was just so busy idk how to make this blog flow properly. It’s 1am now Melb time and I’m writing my blog on MSWords. I’m gonna have to get that broadband thing.


Ok here’s the breakdown of the mixdown. After airport, rented car, arrived at Trinity, talked to Peter Campbell, got introed to my room. SUPER small!! Like microscopic! I think he could tell the look on my face although I honestly did try to hide it. Then I met up with Wai Hoe and Grace who were staying in other buildings around Trinity as well.


Hoe got the biggest room with more shelves but it’s fair cause he got the suck-ish bathroom and his room is like an oven during the day and just fair at night. I managed to change my room to Clarke’s where Grace is at. Honestly although it is slightly better in the sense I get a sink and it’s slightly longer but still sucky with tht musty old room smell that I combated with sprits of my Dior PURE POISON.


Oh I must express my gratitude to Wai Hoe for helping my dad and I carry my 32.7kg luggage bag up the 2 flights of stairs to my room! But I fixed his fan for him after that la. So evened out :P (T-T) didn’t get fan for me!


Oh and his room is insect infested but then again so is mine. An average moth has just intruded into my below humble abode. I don’t have the heart to kill it because it was just looking for shelter so I’ll let it sleep behind my curtain tonight and it had better have checked out later this morning. I hope it doesn’t go around promoting my room as a freeloading-moth’s paradise.


Then went to CS to meet several ex-albertians but didn’t stay long cause I had stuff to transfer from eric’s room to mine. My dad had a car so better take advantage of it right? LOL. Had to sacrifice having lunch with them though.. or having any lunch at all. I slept all the way until 5.30pm after unpacking the load. I would have slept longer if Krystle hadn’t called to visit but I’m happy she did. I missed her and Dummy! I miss everyone. Hoping the Saturday Albert House dinner plan works out.


Guest list includes Albert House peeps of course. Monashees are gonna have to come to the city though. Ivan Lorda is on his flight now I think. Sigh… only he, the other Ivan and Handy are the closest of my indon friends that are gonna be in Melb Uni. The rest sudah cabut to Monash. T-T

Had to go to AH to collect security bond and learned something new about my bank accounts. Tomorrow I’ve to bank in my first ever cheque! Lol I wanna get a part time job even if it’s secretly I still just want the thrill of earning my own money.


Anyways went for dinner/my super late lunch with daddy’s friend’s son and wife. Yay!! Now I DO sorta have guardians here. They were really nice. They belanja us dinner at Nam Loong. Remember we ate there (me, Evie, Joycey, Remy) sigh it’s not gonna be us going out for food anymore.. But Daniel works over at Clayton so I’ve an excuse go there at least. He’s so cute he kept persuading my daddy to take desert he even offered to go somewhere else for desert! All I could eat was the lemongrass chicken cause I don’t take shelled stuff or spicy tofu (sadly it was spicy). So Daniel told me to order another dish but I ordered fried ice cream instead. OMG FAT!!!


Then I took my dad to QV Safeway n Big W. I intro-ed him to my usual shopping place xD and bought a shit load of heavy shit! Detergent and softener was the cause of the weight. Then I met a red haired senior here named Rita I think and she was really nice after I showered in the trickle of a shower (it doesn’t deserve the name SHOWER) I wanted to talk to her some more but then Hoe called to go to CS so I went anyways.


Then it was OOHHH my god!! Krystle really did get me the Incanto perfume range!!! Awww~ Thanks, thanks I was like staring at it as if I cldn’t believe she was holding it in front of me and well I couldn’t believe it. I love it!! I so sayang to open it haha. Thank you En tzer and Krystle! =]


Then hoe just HAD to eat after that so went to this pizza place and then on the way back he kept saying he was fat! Why order a large box of chips and accept another slice of pizza then?! Yes! I abstained myself from consuming any of his fattening food despite his attempts of offering!


However I got back to my room and ate ¾ box of strawberry pocky. Tomorrow going to QV Night Market. Sigh just like last year when Evie, Amanda, Joyce and I just *clicked*. I wonder if I’ll get the same blessing this year? I miss you 3 loads!!


Didn’t get to take photos at KLIA as I had hoped. Too many things to carry. Oh well I’ll bring my DSLR to the night market thing. I just hope I can take pictures and catch up with the crowd because I’m such a fucking snail. I hope there will be people that I can click with too… I’ve this feeling that I’ll be alone…


Ah well sleepy. Gonna sleep I’m suppose to wake hoe up to try trinity’s breakfast today. Let’s hope they at least can get porridge right. coffs

first day in trinity

Friday, February 20, 2009

4th day....

Woke up at 2pm-ish and I had to force myself awake there. The I thought I’d get back on track cause I slacked last night and so settle my enrolment but that didn’t work out after all because I was lazy to get my letter from the student services since I changed my course to environments at the last minute! So now because of my stupidity in procrastinating just one dumb letter I’ve to wait till Monday now... I’m wasting tons of precious time!


Then I did some laundry and the effing washer and dryer were both giving problems! They wouldn’t start! I had to wait for around 40 minutes for maintenance to come and fix it and you know what they had to do? He just switched off the plug and switched it on again.. the ****! I could have done that too.


Well anyways been really busy too busy to blog or rather losing the mood to. If I hadn’t made blogging daily a resolution I would have just screwed it but I bet by the end of this month my blog would be dormant. And I think I need to upgrade my RAM what with my photo editing and virtual designing and web-surfing and of course blogging!


I need to get my own internet access!! This is killing me. Anyways met up with joyce handy and ivan for “dinner”. We were suppose to meet at 5 but somehow it dragged on to 7 so I had stuffed myself silly already. Food at Trinity definitely ta pau’s AH food any day! And the lunch lady Connie is just so funny!! Hoe got scolded by her almost every meal! And I quote, “You need your mother!” LMAO!


Then I met up with Aru, David, Yun and Yohana (I think tht’s how you spell it, correct me if I’m wrong) at lygon then we walked to Max Brener’s in QV (Melb Central’s was crazy full). Then came back and Abbie, Clinton, Carla, Tiana and group, I forgotten who else was there! Anyways they were outside drinking (I think they do tht every night?) and called me over. Just stayed and talked with them and I found out there was a lounge/basement/common room!! I was like… I’m such a noob…


Hoe abandoned me and went to spend the night in CS… You know what? Right now I’m missing him a lot… Liz I still like him! A lot lot I miss him loads! I feel like just writing it out here now because I know he doesn’t feel the same about me, never will, I give up hope on him liking me but I don’t know how much longer I’ll like him… But I just wish he would REALIZE what I had realized around 3 months ago… and perhaps return the feelings… Dear you, I miss you, and I can’t get over you. I wish I would be able to see you everyday, hold your hand, show you how much I care for you, how much I like you and when I really like someone I’d put them in front of everything else… lol if only you knew how privileged you’d be being with me.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

3rd day in trinity

Orientation today! And my dad was flying back as well. I got lost I knew where the building was but I didn’t know how to enter it so I stopped this white-haired friendly man and this young white guy told me where to go instead. Turns out he was a Melb uni fresher and taking environments and planning to major in architecture.


Conversation was easy with him because when I ran out of things to ask/say he had something else to ask/say. Turns out he’s Ecuadorian but without the accent. Cool right? And he was like my teman for like the whole day since we were doing the same course and most likely taking the same subjects as well.


I introed Matt to Izzie, Ethel, Jun Jiang, Isan, Dan, Rafael and Ivan. Those 2 kept talking about footie which I did not know shit about but at least I didn’t have to worry about striking a conversation).


Oh Amanda just called me, she’s at Clarke’s!! woo! And there’s a BBQ today at Sharwood. I just hope there isn’t red meat. Oh wait there will be this is Melbourne! But I hope there’s plenty of white meat as well. But then I keep thinking.. fatttttttttt….


I predict many sleepless nights for me since I’m taking environments what with all the assignments and sketching and virtual designing oh God have mercy on me please.


Dang I ate a lot at the BBQ and I drank a bottle off vodka cruiser lemon. There’s like tons of sugar in there T-T fatttttt speaking of fat I haven’t met up with the tall Ivan yet. Oh and then we played some card-ish game and then some story writing/drawing game which turned out to be hilarious shit.


Just came back from the balcony gathering. I hate moving to a new place and not knowing anyone or how to converse with then because they’ll talk about their own friends and stuff. Kinda left out but it wasn’t as awkward as when we first moved in. Wai Hoe just ditched me to go to CS because he’s suffocating in his room. As for me it’s 11.40 and I’m actually gonna sleep now. I’m so lack of sleep…


Oh and I still wanna go clubbing. Haih.. here I don’t feel as emo as back home so I no mood to continue writing my songs or play my guitar.


Monday, February 16, 2009

goodbye to you...

the reason for my title is because I'm leaving the tanah tumpah darahku tonight and also because I'm listening to the song now.I absolutely adore Michelle Branch and Lily Allen. What happened to me and Avril? I still like Lacey Mosley but not the adoring ish kind anymore. all part of growing up?

you can even see my transition through my blog skins, i mean look at it now!! PINK! xD

I was just messing around with my gutiar last night (or 2am this morning) the result of feeling emo but what he said was absolutely true and I wanna improve. It's gonna be hard to match up to you and I can't come close I know because like you said you have experience and I don't but i''ll suck it up and see how far I can go =). Anyways I came up with a random song which I actually liked myself.. but i forgotten how it went already!!! T-T

trying to rewrite it back.. sighhh why didn't i just record it immediately! STUPID GIRL!

And I gained a kilo back!!
oh god what the-!!!! ok let's hope i can resist the food on the plane! why can't be lactose intolerant like Jon? I wanna have my vomitting fest back haha!

Anyways I'm going back to melbourne.. sighh goodbye to:
  1. car rides
  2. delicious CHEAP food
  3. quality shopping
  4. my family who i've bonded with (SERIOUSLY)
  5. my expensive items which i can't bring over
  6. unlimited internet
  7. more spacious room
  8. my pyramid of soft toys
  9. my best best best friends!
  10. manglish accent

"I want you but I'm not giving in this time, goodbye to you, goodbye to everything that i knew, you were the one I loved the one thing that I tried to hold on to"

P.S. do you likey my new layout? I needed to change it before i go back to melb just for fun =D

thank you..

thank you so much for making me smile when I couldnt

thank you for giving me hope in something tht didn't happen

thank you for making me realize it

thank you for not allowing it to happen.

no really =) thanks so much!

~stupid girl, I should've known

Sunday, February 15, 2009

flying back tomorrow

and i managed to cut 3kg off my luggage! =D still cutting off more that means not done packing yet.

I am absolutely addicted to:

  1. Lily Allen
  2. curling my hair
  3. clothes
  4. water
  5. Salvatore Feragamo's Incanto perfumes
  6. accessories
  7. eye make up
  8. photography

I know i'm gonna dehydrate like a fish out of water on the plane! last time my skin ws seriously flaking and plus the weather in melb I'm scared it'll actually crack this time!

Andways I am not thinking of which bags to bring. I don't wanna end up bringing something i won't be using. I wanna reduce the weight as much as possible so i can fit in a few more things =P

weight was 59kg when i weighed =/ dang...

oh my mum went to the Quartz store and went nuts with the crystals! she got me 3 diff ones! and it was seriously pricey :S

v-day photos

of all i took there are only two that i am satisfied with :) hope you like em as well

the lampost pic was inspired by Lily Allen's- "Littlest Things" love her!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I was a dreamer before you went and let me down

Hello V-day! The day would usually anticipate by december. But lose hope by January and is proved right by February. I've never had a valentine, not a real one like my sister had today (they're so cute together). But anyways so I guess V-day will not be in my calendar anymore. Instead it shall be replaced with Singles Awareness Day! Ironically the people I hung out with today were NOT single =/ just me.. sigh..

But then again Valentine's is the day you spend with someone you love who GENUINELY loves you back right? so why bother wishing to have someone you love around when they don't love you back?

I was at Sunway Pyramid with my sis for 5 reasons being;
  1. to check on my sis's "date" haha jk la you two quite cute together and he was really sweet to you i approve!
  2. to photograph the v-day decos (which failed dramatically)
  3. to search for my parents' v-day prezzie (i found a cup with their wedding numbers on it! =D)
  4. to fix my fave Guess watch so i can use it in melb
  5. to meet Yuki!!

wth... my sis and her other 16 year old friend had a valentine's... Yuki chooses to not spend valentine's with her GERMAN bf! I want British please God. hehe

Note to self get pics of us from Yuki. lol we camwhored outside the entrance and passersby were like staring at us. but it doesn't matter cause I was spending time with the one i love who loves me back.

2 more days Tiff then you'll be soaring in the sky!

oh and i got stalked today1#!#$%^&

If hot guy ok la but this guy was fat and looked above 25 and had that sor hai face tht looked like my chem tuition teacher. why la can't he be a hot British emo guy instead... sad... T-T

Friday, February 13, 2009

you're so bipolar!

you want me do dress more feminine and nice, but you won't let me bring over the clothes for me to dress that way.

you want say that I'm useless, but you make use of me

you say I can't do this and that, but you force me to and say you didn't

you forced me to change myself, but still you say I haven't

you say you hate my dressing, but still you want my clothes

you tell me to go shopping for you, but then you don't let me go out

you say you don't want to see me again, but why'd you scold him for not bringing me back?

you tell me to do this for you, and say that I don't do anything for you after that

you give me cosmetics to "prettyfy" myself, but you shun me for using them

you go and leave me behind, and then you say you should have brought me along

you encourage things in me at the beginning, but curse, shun, discourage and torment my failure later

you condemn me and my friends, and say I have no friends later

you say I've no social life, when you're the one that cut me off from it in the first place

you want me to smile all the time, but how can I when you do things that make me cry

you want me to be more like a girl, but when I cry when I'm hurt you just add to the pain

so can you please tell me WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU FUCKING WANT FROM ME??!!

you passed away leaving a tear in my heart Friday 13th, 13:13

My ipod passed away today.. Ok this may sound so stupid and materealistic to other readers but I really love my ipod ok and i'd never go anywhere without it and if I did I always feel grumpy as if something's just not right.

I remmeber when I first met you, Poddy. You were so white, dust-free, scratch-free sitting nestled in yr little case in the slim black box. The sales man polished you and had to use 3 screen protectors till he finally stuck it on perfectly because my daddy wouldn't take home anything but perfection for me. You were my 15th b'day present. We traveled 5 Apple Stores just to find you (after the strating of CNY so most shops were closed).

I remember at the Apple Store where I met you I also met some local celebrity and his super hot gf man! But I forgotten his name already. He used to do tht petrol advertisement where you could win cars. (the cars kept changing in the advertisement) I slipped you into a black silicon skin and only a year later I added my red fender pick (given by Alex Teh) to the key ring hole.

later in Hong Kong I got you a white leather cover instead and stuck the End Violence Against Women bandage and an AIDS ribbon on it. MY father also got you yr speaker port in Hong Kong. You would then generate all my songs to suit my mood.

I remember one time in Malacca at the beach I found a sea urchin that I was afraid to touch in case i got pricked and I used YOU to scoop it up. ha ha and you never complained (as if you could anyways).

And In melbourne you were in my bag with my bottle and my bottle cracked and water flooded my bag. You were my main concern. I fished you out of the bag but it was too late water was already inside you. I shook you vigorously forcing as much water out as i could (thanks to inertia). I quickly went home (thank god i was only going to the city and not class). Joyce lent me her hairdryer and I used that to revive you.

I was so afraid (and pissed at myself) I thought I was going to lose you but I connected you to my laptop and you were alive again!!! just yr screen was blurred because the water inside was condensing. I wonder if you had a face how would yr expression have been like.

9th February 2009:
Something was wrong.. after I took you off the speaker dock I felt yr body was really warm, warmer than it should have been. But I brought you out anyways in the car I was listening to you and i noticed yr battery was already half gone. IMPOSSIBLE!! I just charged it 10 minutes ago and I swore it was full. And you kept lagging too. So I got home and tried restarting you and I left you aside for a night.

Then, the next day it was the same scenario except this time yr battery just died within 15 mins. I felt so frustrated knowing something was wrong with you. Thursday I gave my ipod to my dad to have the battery changed. We both thought tht was the reason for yr strange behaviour. I should have given you to him on wednesday but I couldn't bear parting with you.

He came home yesterday evening saying he's gonna bring it to the store in Hartamas (where we first met and you became mine) on Friday, turns out it wasn't the battery after all but I didn't know it was much worse.

ok this is the freaky part, today, Friday the 13th, at 13:13hours my dad called me:

"Tii, your ipod turns out there's something wrong with the hard drive."
"So that means.. I can't use it anymore?"
"Yeah cannot use anymore."
"They can't fix it?"
"No.. so.. you want a new one?"
My mum started shouting in the background "No more, don't buy a new one for her."

ok triple 13s... tht's scary..

well poddy, we've had our good times and bad and u got me through a lot. I miss you a lot. I missed you the moment I handed you to my dad. I love you Poddy. R.I.P.

I insisted my dad to bring yr carcass back home. I shall give you a burial in my chest of memorables. There you'll stay with my past concert costumes, stuff toys given to me from my old friends and my precious CD collection. I'll leave all your skins inside it too, yr black silicon one, the white leather case with the bandage and AIDS ribbon, and the latest zebra case I got for you around xmas time. you've been good to me :) <3

Thursday, February 12, 2009

hmm curled or straight hair?

I've been thinking should i leave my hair as it is or have it curled permanently? I'm really lucky I've a mum who really encourages me on these things. Lol and I quote "If you want to spend yr money on improving yr appearance I approve." and I did try the curling thing but all i did was twist my hair in a bun but idk how to make it last! (besides tons of hairspray la cause then my hair will have that crunch sound)

ooh went shopping for formal wear today. my mum was so excited when i asked for corporate clothes that she didn't mind going to 5 stores and I in the end found it!! and I love it! ahah i wanna rewind and do valedictory again even though it was boring shit but at least now i got better clothes =/

finally my digi cam is fixed! ATM my ipod is with some stranger in KL because I've no idea wht's wrong. i think they're gonna perform and operation on my Poddy. I miss him! :'(

oh nicole i found my vodafone SIM card. did you find yr OPTUS one yet?

haha a funny convo between me and the Hoe:

*naf(S)(li)™♠♀†эмỗғrέâқz†♂♠ᆭš...oh well.. says (11:04 PM):
disert correct rite?
-Tiff.T > says (11:04 PM):
what's tht?
*naf(S)(li)™♠♀†эмỗғrέâқz†♂♠ᆭš...oh well.. says (11:04 PM):
i 4got da spellin wtf
not deset
desert a hawt sunny region
da good is wat
-Tiff.T > says (11:04 PM):
*naf(S)(li)™♠♀†эмỗғrέâқz†♂♠ᆭš...oh well.. says (11:05 PM):
-Tiff.T > says (11:05 PM):
desert is the hot place
*naf(S)(li)™♠♀†эмỗғrέâқz†♂♠ᆭš...oh well.. says (11:05 PM):
i thought so
shit whe

luggage update= 59kg!! what the fuck is in my bags!!! omg need to repack again.. haih i hate this

speed up yr breathing

because we're all gonna be leaving soon!! got an sms gfrom Edwin today he's probably on the plane now going to melb. then monash.. :'( you dumb dumb why la didn't you study a bit harder and get into melb uni!! Now yr so far!!

I have no idea whether each of us will really meet up like we had promised each other, will our relationships just start danggling and then snap! We're gonna be in deffirent Unis, doing diff courses in diff suburbs... To all the new friends I've become to close with last year, I'll really miss you all. You've all played a part in my life and I wanna keep you guys in my life but parting is inevitable... even if we don't part now somehow or other we WILL in the end so I guess parting now makes it less painful rather than parting in the next few years to come..

oh and i'm back to my Nokia because the iphone is just too annoying. So troublesome to sms!! Nokia all the way! =D they should take me for adverts. I'm promoting them and saying they're better than the iphone.

OMG just 4 days till i go back?! I don't wanna! not yet! i just hope i didn't exceed my weight limit. oh oh here's a funny ocnversation:

Mum: Tii, I think yr overweight.
Me: Yeah yeah I know.
Mum: What did you put in yr luggage?
Me: Oh you meant my luggage! xD

haha get it?

"when both boy and girl start suddenly shaking inside"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

omg 5 more days!!!!

can you believe it?! I actually forgotten? I thought it was like 9 more days! ZOMFG!!! ha ha i was readnig en tzer's pm and wondering 4 mroe days till what since his b'day past already..

then.. it was like a sudden self-realisation! and the heavens opened up and light shone down upon me. the angels sang, and i did too. It's 4 mroe days to melb and i'm dreading to go back now. I'm too comfortable at home with the food and the transportation (other people driving me) in melb it'll be walk walk walk walk, tram and walk.

and i'm losing my maths touch. siggh... when i was studying it i was lazy to revise it. same with chem but now that i'm leaving these 2 subjects and Bio I'm gonna miss it like crap! it's hard to let a subject you've been studying for years go. I'll miss knowing stuff people don't know and learning things I won't know unless I study it myself. Goodbye chem and maths you have not been at yr best with me but i'll miss you. Bio I love you!!! Thanks to you i felt slightly more confident in my Trinity final exams. now it is time for us to part. ='(

omg i sound so sad and lifeless. Get me out of here!!!

igot an iphone!!

ok so it's a second-hand. my mum handed it down to me because she didn't really like it after all so we swapped, my Nokia Navigator for the iphone.

my new iphone with leather case, Cedric and the butterfly necklace I repaired =)

not very impressive really the name just makes it sound grand. To me as long as I can set alarms, reminders, sms and make calls on my phone that's good enough for me
oh and here's the photos of my new babies. 2 additions to the family. My daddy unexpectedly bought another 2. I think he's in love with them as well. these are so tiny they're the size of yr standard Faber Castell erasers! And they're freaking restless it was hard for an amateur so-called photographer like me to snap the pictures.
Baby 2#
(haven't named yet)

Baby 1#
(not named yet either)

can you tell them apart?? cause i can! =D they're the cutest things ever!! but soon they'll grow to Lemony's (my first baby 2 years ago) size. that's like.. around the size of our HOI textbook! =O still i love all of them to bits!! My babies i'll have to leave you within a week. *sobs* we didn't get to bond..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

gahh!!! my ipod is effed!!

It's like it freezers then when i attached it to the dock it charges like normal. then when i remove it even when the battery is full already within 10 minutes the battery gets red then dies in the next 30 secs!! what the hell is wrong with it?!

oh and i've 2 new baby terappins!! they're so so tiny!!!! aawwwwwww

dreading to go back melb now

The Reason:

I get nervous just thinking about it. I'm not so good with meeting new people especially if it's a FORCED event or one that I did not plan myself to go to. I always think, "Is tht person sizing me up?" "What's is she/he gonne think of me?" "What if they don't like me?" "What if no one bothers talking to me?" or "What if I run out of things to say with the person I'm tlaking to and they just walk away?" "My dressing doesn't blend in, it's too much/low!"

I'm so pessimistic it's unhealthy for me i know cause i'll get all worried and stressed about it. Meeting new people who might not want to meet me?... Can I just stay in my room and unpack continuously for 4 days instead? sigh..

Monday, February 9, 2009

luggage update

everyone's (those who are leaving the country anyways) are so hyped (and worried) about packing. Krystle hasn't even started. Kristina is taking her own sweet time..

Me.. I box full of i-forgotten-what is taped up already. and i filled one bag with architectural magazines and winter clothes and hangars and files n books i may need there. Altogether that's.. hmm 13kg +27kg = 40kg!! shit man!!! and i'm not done with my casual clothes yet!! wtv did i pack in there?! how do people stick to the 25kg thing?

Good thing I'm taking business class this timeand my dad's following me so i get around 50kg to myself.. i wonder if my clothes and my other things will fit in that weight range.

I was just reading Izzie's and Nicole's blog and I noticed all the complex vocab they use and I realised how cetek my vocab is.. I feel so inferior... I haven't been my bookworm self in a whole year already. I used to be able to finish a 1000+ paged novel in 3 days but now i haven't finished my Frankenstein and Dracula. I haven't started on my Anne Rice T-T what the hell have i been doing?!!

"One thing is for sure - the Tarot works!" Sylvia Abraham

And indeed they do I've been learning them for around 2 months already and so far every question i asked it was soo soo true.. I cannot put into text how accurate the tarots are. How does it work? is it God talking to us? My mum was freaked that I started on this 'hobby' of mine but I didn't tell her the questions I asked. I've read for my sister several times too. They were all true, her PMR results, her experience in her new school (she asked a week before school started) and now even the guy that she has been crushing on. The tarot showed positive results and well yeah it was defo positive. Now if only mine would hurry up and come true because it showed positivity too. however it says my future will be negative..

tarots are scary but cool!!! who wants me to read for them?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

my mum played with my DSLR today LOL

other than that nothing much to report for today :D

again i'm so sorry izzie i wasn't thinking!! T-T pls pls don't be mad with me!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

it's you...

how close I was to spelling yr name... all i have to do is... it's hard to be patient you know, to keep it inside lying to yrself yr not sure when you really are. I feel like I should tell you even though I can predict the look on your face, the stabbing painful silence that'll follow it and then the rejection after that. No matter how polite you may put it, it'll still hurt.

If you knew the little things you did that can light up my face again within seconds. I just wanna turn you around to face me so I can tell you, through the tears building up in my eyes now that I love you. Yes I really do I'm so sure of it now. I thought I was over you when you gave me nothing but silence, but the moment you showed me a hint of thought I saw a glimmer of hope and it's like all my feelings flooded back again and took over my sanity.

So if I do confess to you, how should I do it? in person? then i'll have to wait till I see you and that is if I even get the courage to confess straight to yr face and accept the rejection like that. my friends said tell it through msn. But I know that there'll be a long silence and in the mean while i'll be hanging a rope to the ceiling fan already (LOL!) ok la not that serious but still anxiety... but then again isn't that how i feel now?

And I think you know too was that the reason for the silent treatment? if that's the case I should remain silent too..

oh no-s!!!!!!

I'm sorry Lizzie I'm really really so so effing sorry!! I didn't know you DID wish me earlier after all in fact you blogged about me too!! *cringes*

"okay bby, so she says she was expecting a wish from me but didn't get one. Pshh girlfriend, would I NOT post you a wish on the world wide web?? loser, you should know better.

So my dear Tiffany, I've known you basically for 7 years of my fucking life. (Woah, that's long. Not that long but I know it'll progress to 2 digits in time) You have been that kid who loved Jesse McCartney and progressed into Bring Me The Horizon. Wtf. haha. Anyway, you've always been there for me eventhought you've been in a different school and in a total different country. I go to you for advice and talk to you about so many things. We think alike and like the same stuff, we're practically sisters yo! :] Anyway, meeting you has always been a pleasure to me babe and I hope we do get to hang out more and more in the years to come! maybe when we're in Aussie we'll go! Go to shows, take photos together, backpack the country and stalk guys together! :D Yay! Imagin how fun will that be! Haha. I hope you do get what you want this year, because after all, you're legal already! May all your dreams and wishes come true babe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE YOU!!"

WAHHH so sweet!! I'm so sorry dear and yes yes it will be 2 digits i'll so so make sure of that! when it becomes a decade we shd like have an anniversary or something.. not sure what exact date la ha ha. and here's to yr dreams and wishes too! yr handsome my dot! xD

excited about packing

there's only.. erm.. *counts fingers* 1..2..3.. oooh 9 more days till i'm in unpredictable Melbourne again. Still got stuff to buy esp moisturizer and loads of it. I have eczema -___- so tht means i need to buy special creams now. :(

and i was weighing what i have packed so far.. there's still more to come and it was already reaching 40kg!! omg what the hell did i pack?! it's tough being a girl so many clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, beauty products to pack! I still have more clothes to pack and that will take another.. probs 15kg...

and for hand carried luggage tehre's my camera bag, my laptop, my guitar, hangbag and a tennis raquet, oh and a tripod... help?!

my other luggage wasn't big enough so now i've to transfer all my things into a bigger one. damn ma fan la.. no mood for photography either

Thursday, February 5, 2009

aww thanks for coming into my life and making it sweeter :)

Yesterday i was officially 18 but dang it wasn't exactly how i planned my b'day to be like. Woke up and straight went for medical test. I know, I had to pee in a cup for my b'day! xD that was probably the highlight of my day.. oh that and this guy (guessing he's applying for a visa too) kept following me :S why'd my daddy leave me alone!

Well anyways, thanks so so muchly to all my friends who wished me, some more than once and I wanted to write who wished me how and how many times but i'm malas so... really sorry!
Here's the roll:

Ivan Y (my 1st brother)Prem (you got the right day the 2nd time! xD)
Edwin Kurniawan (yes i got the sms too)
Choong Wai Hoe
En Tzer (Dummy)
Chris (kor)
Amanda (ha ha i saved the voice clip)
Xian (lol smurfs)
Randy (Sabah BOY cute :P)
Nicole (thanks for calling me =])
Jun Yeu
Krystle (yay u got better on my bday)
Shiok Leng (u rmbr!)
Chris (dunno his last name xD, HH drummer)
Kok Sian
Suryo (penguin no.2)
Handy (penguin no.1)
Steph Hew
Patricia Danu
Cheryl Lee
Ng Bee Bee
Yuki (yrs coming soon beb)
Grandpa Ivan (i don't want Wandi in a Theodore costume!)
Yari (ex-chem partner)
Jun Kit
Lizzie (hearts, wouldn't be a bday if you didn't wish me)
Jun Lin
Michelle Cheng
Benz (HSM weirdo)
A.Teo (duck duck goose)
Kelvin Tan (take me to UK too!)
Quah Ying Ying
Jun Pei
Kimy (na saranghae! &heart;, yes i'm yr sifu yay)
Adel (furnace, funny)
Billy Low (u owe me bubble tea!)
Shakira (sunshine song)
Lai Sze Yi
Nisrin Nadzmi
Taty Azman
Nick Benjamin
Tai Yang
Joanna Yau
Jeng Yuen
Sadikin Alfian
Gabriella Diana Gusta
Kristina Low
Steph Ng
Weilin Tsai
Meena Chow
Debbie Soo
Yong Jia Yang
Yong Jo Leen
Evelyn Ng
Sue (u rmbred!! and yr still older!!)
Nick Black (fave indie singer)
Corlish (4 mins late ha ha)
Fidz(who are you! LOL)
Zyen Hoo
Dumisile (LOL)
Michelle Ong (mee/moo-chee)
Ethel Chan (crashtestbuddy)
Mattie (nice to hear from you again)
Lynnette Chua

~maybe i'm still in love with you after all, but should i tell you?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

harnessing my skills

not tht nice i know i shd have focused on the boy n girl instead.. grr

curtain tie, i think it's what they're called

I AM SO HAPPPYYYYYYYYY for not just that i finally know how to use my DSLR (not fully but better) without reading the manual (sorry la me lazy...) And today i met Taty, Randy, Renee and the rest of the gang at OU today. I was walking alone at that time. Then when I saw them again my mum was with me and she was like "Ignore them don't say hi to them." So I had to force myself to walk right past them as if I didn't see them.. I don't get her!

oh and also I dropped a size!!!! WAH SO HAPPY!!!!

Wai How was saying how my pictures are "kinda CMI". I dunno if he's talking about my interior deco pics or my camwhore pics. if my camwhore ones i don't mind cause i took it for myself but if he meant my photography ones i did kinda feel hurt. But then I slapped myself and told myself I didn't even actually took the pics seriously all i did was play with the camera so it's not surprise it's not nice right? right!! phew glad i cleared tht up with myself lol

late CNY at Jun Yeu's

Hmm I wonder how many posts i can make in a day eh wait it's past midnight so it's counted as a new day.. after creating my flickr and posting the amateur images i went to Jun Yeu's CNY dinner. lol and it was PIZZA for dinner. How CNY is tht?

Ethel was suppose to come but she stood me up in the end *sobs* ha ha joking I understand the jam and all =] crashtestbuddyyyyyyyyyyyy....

Brought my DSLR to his place and took the randomest shots at his place. And I was like such a noob with it. I was fiddling a lot of the aperture and ISO and all tht cause i wanted to take the city at night...

He's effing lucky! he has such a spectacular view (both in KL and Melb) and he doesn't appreciate it! -__- if tht were my pad i'd stare at it everynight... oh did i mention it was suppose to be at 6 and I only arrived like after 7.30? I wonder if he or David noticed my hair is black agian lol.

I admit I felt like bailing out on going too at first cause I'm always pessimistic about meeting new people but they were really nice esp Lilian who stuck with me almost the entire time I was there. sleepy and the pictures are taking like FOREVER to upload on both flickr and here. so i'll just upload esok.. uhhh.. i mean later in the late morning.

I finally found a watermark program! HALLELUJAH!! (however you spell that) k m hungry now so gonna sleep. zzz will edit this post in the morn

it's 7.25AM and i'm uploading photos now!! :P oh i found a free watermarking software!! yay! cause I don't want the whole photo editting software like Paintshop and Photoshop cause I don't edit my pics i just want to leave a print of my name on it. if anyone's interested google Alamoon Watermark.

oh and thanks anyways lil Tiff for helping me lol (see see i did still mention you in my post!) and Ethel who kept me company on msn while i searched for that shitting free water marker thing!

Lilian who i actually just met there! xD

Jun you look so stiff ..

his bro, "David"

say hi to Jun Yeu! lol he looks so sad..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

screw it i'm using flickr

deviantart is too troublesome!

i made a deviantart account!

so i'll post all photos there instead of my blog. my blog i'll just select the nice ones (if any), url is similiar to my blogger.

i need better lenses


yh not very impressive right? cause my lense isn't exactly enough to blur out the back ground or make the point i want to focus on super sharp =/

omg i stayed until 3am drawing to art block size sketches!! damn lifeless right? I've been having this problem I'd be ever so tired but I won't be able to sleep. gah..

and Nicole hasn't called me! oh okay she jsut called me, so happy for her hearts all over the world for me too please?

Monday, February 2, 2009

took my DSLR to OU

camwhore moment in the dressing room

idk how to blur out backgrounds yet, i really shd read the manual

lol i took tht by accident but i thought it looked nice

can't resist a camwhore moment

OOOOHHHH Yuki might be coming over and we are going photographing together!! i just love her pics!! so nice!!

and she can teach me too lol i'm noob

ok now i gotta go to my sketch of a cottage! lol if i were rich i'd build a cottage in Germany and see Lisa...
Incanto perfumes are lovely... i want the range! b'day prezzie pls someone!

I blurred out Santa from the angel too much xD

i've always been fond of this dolphin pencil holder
i need to learn how to do watermarks Paint is too troublesome ok night!

omg i can camwhore with my DSLR!!

this is a part of my Audio Visuals room

one of my fave parts of the house, the windows at the stairs, you can watche the moon at night, really clear view

i made this during my lock up after SPM

see my eyebags!! lol i look awful without makeup

lol i got camwhoring skills and i give credit to Liz rmbr my myspace? yr always my hero darling =3

i woke up this morning without my mum yelling saying i'm over sleeping again. Why am I doing such a thing? cause I was so restless I cldn't wait to start using my Canon EOS 50D!! I was half asleep and dreaming i was reading the manual and testing it out ha ha. Until I couldn't take it anymore I made my self get on my feet and went down and started toying with it


the shocker.. I couldn't use the shutter button!! like i pressed half but it didn't focus, i pressed full it didn't snap a pic! I was like fag fag fag! I called up the store asking them what was wrong i was all pissed and panicking but i controlled myself on the phone. then i pressed some buttons (dunno what the hell i did) and then it worked agian! LOL phew! scared me man. I'm in love with my DSLR and I still dunno what to name it.

in the words of Andy Albert...

"You, said enough, it's never enough to sell yourself for less than love"

and he is so right, and my love goes to my cameras and my guitar and my books! a combination of arts and sciences. (oh and my laptop of course! my connection to the world when all hope of socializing is lost) Speaking of which I'll be gone from the science stream starting this March.. sobs.. i'll actually miss it although chemistry didn't really treat me well I'll miss you Biology! I just hope I'm making the right choice. I'm back in Environments Izziekins and i'm not leaving you anymore lol sounds gay.

Anyways.. I must rant about my Canon EOS 50D. I admit at first when i toyed with i was like.. shit i shouldn't have taken the intermediate one first but I must say I love it, i just need to learn howto use it like a pro first ha ha.

lol now that i got a camera (and am currently familiarizing myself with it) you'd better SMILE when you see me =D

ASDFJHGK!! what's wrong with the picture!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

happy/busy/interesting dayyyyyyyyy

lol tht is the shittest title anyone on this god forsaken planet could come up with.. but it's kinda true..

hello Malacca

wish i had my DSLR then

Oh Chris was flying back to melbourne today and i went to the airport to just see him. He's going off to Perth on the 9th of Feb (STUPIAK!) so i won't see him until maybe later in the year. I'll miss you so so much kor! oh he wore a gay purple shirt which from far i thought was a gay pink shirt LOL! See kor, I love you so so much I went all the way to KLIA to see you, would you ever do tht for me? hmm hmm? haha. have a great trip, landing, trip again and landing again.

lol Chris looks like "ooh cooked algae!"

i wanted to steal they're reusable pretty fork and spoons but Chris wldn't let me :(

his curry was too spicy

my new flaming guitar strap and guitar pick

and my DSLR!!! weee Canon EOS 50D

taken with my trusty Casio

architecture book i bought and testing my DSLR not a nice pic working on it

And then something happened... tyre got punctured near the Taman Bahagia LRT station, so my dad and i got out to fix it. It was messy, dirty, scary(dark LRT station, think of those news) and fun!

the tyre was punctured :O

spare tyre phew!

this was where the spare tyre was from

the mess we made


This proves that I'm good as any guy at changing tyres man. I helped with the jack too in raising the car..

~make me fall for you..