Tuesday, September 7, 2010

you're wrong

"I'm afraid that you'll never find someone who can take care of you like I do, emotionally, your emotional outburst no one but me can handle that." Was what he said to me more than a year ago. I believed him but I didn't care. I knew that if no one could take care of me better than he did, then it's better to never have anyone. I knew I wouldn't regret it.

A year later I found out he was wrong. I found someone who's been so amazingly sweet to me. Who doesn't manipulate me, but lets me make up my own mind. Someone who still gives me hugs and kisses when I'm wrong. Someone who comes to find me at uni at 5am in the morning because he's been thinking about me throughout the entire night he just has to see me. Who would change not just for me but for 'us'.

Who always makes me feel all right because he makes it all right again. I feel safest in his arms. Like no one and nothing can hurt me when his arms are holding me close to his chest so I can hear his heartbeat and know that he is real and alive and it makes me feel alive too. Someone who I can't get angry at when I see his face because I can see how sorry he really is and I know he really loves me. Someone I can't stop thinking about even when I try to because it makes me miss him more. Someone I trust so much with myself and my emotions. He makes me confident all the time and gets disappointed in me when I don't do things that's good for me. And I don't want to disappoint him either because I just care.

Someone that I make my priority sometimes even though I shouldn't because I can't help it. He brings out the best in me and points out my qualities that I never noticed. He's my boyfriend and I love him and best of all he proved the previous wrong.