Wednesday, December 31, 2008

stuck at home with this shit

i've been like figuring out this blogger thingy for 4 hours already. so no life! and i just read nicole's blog about her b'day and i felt so sad man.. like the only chance i get to meet everyone all in one shot and my fucking flight got fucking delayed for fucking 3 hours!! screw you MAS screw you!!!!!! screw the 500 yuen voucher i didn't need tht I needed a gathering with people I love and missed. I'm demanding another airlines nxt time. thinking of celebrating my b'day too but then i've this thing that i think no one will come...

gah gotta go for my sibling's orientation esok in the morning bleh shit and lunch with family.. it's like the only time i ever get to go out i guess so better make the most of it =/ waiting for 5th Feb!! not cause it's my b'day (well sorta) I'm just waiting to get my b'day prezzie (which my mum's been hinting is a guitar) heh. now if only someone will get me case to go with it ha ha *hints*


oh i took Ivan's (my tall "bro") shoelacing obsession into my own. i did the pentagram one for my sis's shoe. it's a pentagram. damn nice right? the shoe i mean not my lacing la i'm not tht perasan! ha ha

oh and i'm so into HIM again and i'm talking about His Infernal Majesty (HIM) seriously how can Ville Valo be so so gorgeous!! it's unfair for women!! LOL.

Note to self: Coselaw Dressing tastes horrible with ceasar Salad. get the proper dressing next time!

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