Sunday, May 17, 2009

Michelle Branch

I know right such a random post but I feel like i have to express my amazement for her somewhere other than facebook because too many people read there.

She Is just so amazing and yes she's one of my idols. The first time I performed was to her song All You Wanted. It was an awful attempt but I believe i've improved and i performed it again this year. It's gonna be a timeless classic. Her whole album Hotel Paper should be!

I'd so want to be an asian version of michelle branch, but then again she's already asian haha. But yeah one of the people I want to meet before I die would be her! She's just lovely I song writer at 14 (her song goodbye to you was written when she was around 14/15) but only appeared on her 2nd album. and now she's a mummy and back on the scene I'm waiting in anticipation for her new album~

One of the things I would want to do before I die would be to perform her entire album (or at least half of it) live! I've already gotten half the album down pat. Still deciding if i should play her song at the bar this friday or time after time? hm hmm hmmmmmmmm

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