Tuesday, November 24, 2009

jump then fall

omg I've to seriously stop being nocturnal! Either that or find more people that are nocturnal like me besides Syasya and find a uni that has night classes instead of day time ones. Maybe I need to take night time jobs as well and by night time jobs I meant ones that allows me to remain in my clothes still.

3 hours till calculus exam and at first I was hyperventilating and now I'm just giving up hope. I'm seriously so gonna fail this anyways but then again I'm going to apply for a change of course so I'll be behind a year still anyways. But then apart of me is telling me not to. I hate giving in and I also hate losing which leaves me stuck to one option and that's to perservere and don't lose!

hmm 4 cans of red bull and I feel like throwing up or dancing. Preferably the latter. I keep thinking of my freedom after this paper and all the stuff I want to and NEED to do and at the same time i'd rahter the exam to be miraculously pushed to Friday so I'll have more time, I'd sing Hallelujah in the chapel if that happens.

I've also been having thoughts of getting run over by a car along the way so I won't have to sit for the exam. But that also means no clubbing on Thursday and Sunday. Again stuck in a bad situation.

On another note I'm in love all over again! With Red Jumpsuit Apparatus again. emo post-hardcore music gets me everytime!

"Step Right Up shoot an arrow on the target, my heart is an easy thing for you to win, don't worry if you miss I'll let you shoot again, my heart is an easy thing for you to win"

OMG Elias Reidy why did you have to leave the band!!! rarrr you and Ronnie Winters were like brothers not to mention yr the most perfect backup vocalist and guitarist for the band! Now it's all Ronnie alone :(

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