Monday, March 2, 2009

you tuck me in just like a child now

I wish I had someone to do that... But I'm 18 and in first year uni 3489 miles from home. Time to be a big girl.

this whole week has been extremly busy and amazing for me. I partied, performed, socialized, painted, dressed up, clubbed, wore 3.5 inch shoes for more than 4 hours. it was amazing! I met with a fewold friends and made new friends who I've all grown to love to dearly especially the evening when I had my first performance this year, they came to support me.

Then it was the night I went clubbing with joyce. Ethan Lach Irini Callum Shaun walked me to the tram stop and Callum walked me back I was really touched. They were soooooo nice!!!!!

I'm writing this just a couple of hours before my class that's why i'm so free. Now I'm doubting myself in Italian, I should have taken French cause I at least know people there I dont know anyone so far taking Italian.

I just came back from SAfeway with Tim cause we really had nothing else to do before class. I've been too busy to update my blog and too busy to even think or miss HIM. So that's a good thing. Melb will help me get over it.

~no it's never gonna be that simple

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