Wednesday, February 25, 2009

this blog is going into hibernation

Yeah while Jun Yeu's blog may start up some time for now mine will be abandoned till further notice because being back in melb just leaves me so busy especially with Trinity's O week and all. It's been fucking awesome here so far and I'm getting tired of saying hi to every random stranger.

I'm gonna have to start doing that all over again in Uni anyways. I just wanna settle down with like a close group of friends like last year (sadly they're all going to Monash) so yeah..

But seriously Trinity Resid has been awesome! the activities the people and even the food beats AH food any day!

I'll mostly be updating my facebook now so if anyone cares hit me up there! Upoading last last night's photos I didn't bring my camera to the Supernova party cause I thought it would get messy and it did! Messier than the casino night and byt the time I got back I was covered in dirt, sand, drinks and glow stick paint, oh and those coloured zinc sticks and sweat as well.

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