Saturday, August 29, 2009


I'm leaving on a jet plane! My own private jet. it's only for the weekend. I'll be home for around 2 days an return on monday morning just in time for my class. I'm gonna be home! I'm gonna be able to see you kong kong. I'll hug you and kiss you on the forehead.

I'll hold your hand in mine, gently and maybe, just maybe you'll hold mine back. You would slowly curl your fingers in to cover mine. And you'll have your eyes open. They'll be wise and shining just like how I last remembered them to be. And you'll be able to tilt your head up and smile. That adorable, contagious smile. And maybe, just maybe you'll be able to recognize me. You'll say I'm your daughter's daughter. You'll say my name and welcome me home again.

In my dreams...

I still remember how my mummy used to warn me not to take afternoon naps in front of you because you might get irritated. But one afternoon I started dozing off and you saw me. I told you I was sleepy (ngantuk) and you even let me sleep in your bedroom, on your bed. You fluffed the pillow for me so i'd be comfortable. You got out a blanket for me even though it was 30 degrees and it was afternoon.

Mama used to get ticked off because you'd go to the coffee shop near your house everyday. When you were wheelchair bound you were still so restless you wanted to move around. It took nearly 10 months but you were getting stronger again. You were so so cute kong kong. You'd refuse to use yr stick when the maid told you to but when I gave it to you you'd use it. You even held my hand for support. And you even started drinking water and feeding yourself. You peeled that mandarin by yourself.

We were happy you were getting better again. I was happy you were getting better again. I thought everything was getting better. But kong kong why did you have to get up when there was no one around to watch you.

I'm gonna see you soon kong kong, but that'll only be in my dreams. If God loves me please let me dream about it. Please wait for me in December. I'll be back and I'm going straight away to see you. I promise. just wait for me kong kong. I love you, Tiffany sayanglu. Tunggu untuk aku ok?

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