Friday, August 28, 2009

wish I could wait...

I wanna go home! really really badly! How could they not have told me earlier! I don't know if I should be thankful or angry or upset. I'm obviously upset. Grandpa, kong kong I love you.. please please recognise me when I get back.

Please, I don't need to see you move your limbs again. I just need to hear that you CAN move them. I want to hear you speak again too. Why why why?! Why wasn't there anyone looking after him. Dear kong kong they kept the news away from me for a week.

one week he was in there for one week and they only told me 4 hours ago!! I could have booked flights in advance and be on the plane right now. I want to cry I AM crying!! why does shit after shit happen! Grandpa I lvoe you I hope you hear me, please move again, be good to the doctors and doctors please be good to him. You're so fragile. I love you so dearly. You need to eat again. I can imaigne you with tubes.. again..

I wanna go home...

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