Monday, September 28, 2009

last night was a good, good night

AA after party!! not that I had many photos anyways. I always forget I have a camera with me and for shame my guy friend was more of (and a better) camwhore than me. He ended up taking the photos which I deleted most of them because I just look so blehhhh in them. Actually I look bad in all of the so I just picked the best. Imagine what 4 shots in a row can do. Thank you I take after my dad and sober up pretty quickly which sucked towards the end :(

What rocked the most was Rene's appearance with her friends who got Sya and I in! That girl is absolutely awesome! Cuz if we didn't go to the ball to get an orange tag we weren't able to go in. Advantages of being a photographer in a club ;)
The lights, the atmosphere, the song selection, the DJ was awesome!
Sadly I didn't take photos with Sya or Rene :( but the night was amazing! I was so surprised I knew so many people there! I would've regretted not going seriously. Thanks Syasya for coming with me otherwise I wouldn't know where to go. Thanks Sean for telling me to come, helping me cut the line, keeping me company, and looking after me.
P.S. should've logged out of yr fb account!

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