Thursday, July 16, 2009

i see the signs, it's that time of month xD

hello sudden mood swings again, I did not miss you.

but anyways I'm still in that debate over curling my hair or leaving it sraight? why must i be so indecisive?

Went back to the boutique to get that gorgeous royal blue empire waist greek goddess dress I wanted yesterday. But when I was at the store the sales person apologised saying a woman came in just 30 mins before I had and bought that very dress in green, red and... yeap my royal blue!!!! I was so pissed I was like wtf-ing inside, I was really raging. (pms -.-) and the lady kept trying to get me to try diff dresses but I kept saying no but she kept taking more I wanted to shout at her "don't you get the point??" but i knew it wasn't her fault. It's weird cuz my psychic feeling also told me I should've called the store in the morning to hold it for me.

Anwyays the owner of the boutique saw I was clearly upset. (I even dreamt of that dress!) and she called their branch in Bangsar to transfer one over for me. I was so touched :')

The rest of the day was great, I went for a walk with my sis, had raw veges for dinner at 4.15 (starving now), my brother and I got along beautifully today and I made two new youtube videos. :)


here's the link in case it uploads slow



here's the link in case this uploads slow


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