Tuesday, July 14, 2009

when it rains, i feel like snuggling

You know when you've been having a totally crappy day/week/month but it's all ok because of one little reason? yes just one.

I was depressed over my results (which was all my fault so I don't want sympathy), gaining wiehgt, that person is still ever so clueless, been a totally absent minded and unintentionally irresponsible daughter, being inspirationless and all that crap I'm gonna stop whinging.

But just one conversation, one acquaintance, one song, with one person. Totally turned everything around. I'm not saying there's something going in my love life cause there ins't but I reckon this person really, really deserves a post for himself although he will never see it himself.


oh and while talking to him I learnt how to play When it rains by Paramore and hopefully we'll get to play it together when he's learnt his part. You've the most beautiful smile ever too! *I never saw it coming*

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