Monday, July 13, 2009

sorrow last through this night..

I believe what Joyce says that blogging always makes you feel better. I felt much better compared to last night although the guilt is still there. I'll have to work extra hard next sem. I can do it! it's just another 4 months and possibly 4 exams, easy right?

My mama and my mummy and daddy and uncles and aunties all believe in me. That's a hell lot of pressure and I know I've failed them this sem already so I need to make up for it. Lord help me please. Sem 2 will be dedicated to my family and for me!

Had my first driving lesson today. Experienced drivers please stop bullying me! I'm a beginner and there's a friggin clutch on the manual car. God I hate that clutch but I'm very proud of myself. All those nights of nightmares did nothing to fend me from my lessons. The instructor was a bit annoying but who cares I'm alive and I drove to Sri Inai and back home on my first go. Seriously I learnt just by trial and error because the instructor didn't tell me what to do. And I ended up driving myself back home. Twas awesome!

It's almost end of my so called holiday in Malaysia and I still have some stuff to do such as my hair and dress shopping and more youtube videos oh and I must have written at least 2 songs before I go back but I just haven't had the inspiration...

I just love how people like Michelle Branch and Ryan Cabrera can write so many beautiful songs. I'm falling more in love with every single word they say.

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