Saturday, February 14, 2009

I was a dreamer before you went and let me down

Hello V-day! The day would usually anticipate by december. But lose hope by January and is proved right by February. I've never had a valentine, not a real one like my sister had today (they're so cute together). But anyways so I guess V-day will not be in my calendar anymore. Instead it shall be replaced with Singles Awareness Day! Ironically the people I hung out with today were NOT single =/ just me.. sigh..

But then again Valentine's is the day you spend with someone you love who GENUINELY loves you back right? so why bother wishing to have someone you love around when they don't love you back?

I was at Sunway Pyramid with my sis for 5 reasons being;
  1. to check on my sis's "date" haha jk la you two quite cute together and he was really sweet to you i approve!
  2. to photograph the v-day decos (which failed dramatically)
  3. to search for my parents' v-day prezzie (i found a cup with their wedding numbers on it! =D)
  4. to fix my fave Guess watch so i can use it in melb
  5. to meet Yuki!!

wth... my sis and her other 16 year old friend had a valentine's... Yuki chooses to not spend valentine's with her GERMAN bf! I want British please God. hehe

Note to self get pics of us from Yuki. lol we camwhored outside the entrance and passersby were like staring at us. but it doesn't matter cause I was spending time with the one i love who loves me back.

2 more days Tiff then you'll be soaring in the sky!

oh and i got stalked today1#!#$%^&

If hot guy ok la but this guy was fat and looked above 25 and had that sor hai face tht looked like my chem tuition teacher. why la can't he be a hot British emo guy instead... sad... T-T

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