Wednesday, February 4, 2009

late CNY at Jun Yeu's

Hmm I wonder how many posts i can make in a day eh wait it's past midnight so it's counted as a new day.. after creating my flickr and posting the amateur images i went to Jun Yeu's CNY dinner. lol and it was PIZZA for dinner. How CNY is tht?

Ethel was suppose to come but she stood me up in the end *sobs* ha ha joking I understand the jam and all =] crashtestbuddyyyyyyyyyyyy....

Brought my DSLR to his place and took the randomest shots at his place. And I was like such a noob with it. I was fiddling a lot of the aperture and ISO and all tht cause i wanted to take the city at night...

He's effing lucky! he has such a spectacular view (both in KL and Melb) and he doesn't appreciate it! -__- if tht were my pad i'd stare at it everynight... oh did i mention it was suppose to be at 6 and I only arrived like after 7.30? I wonder if he or David noticed my hair is black agian lol.

I admit I felt like bailing out on going too at first cause I'm always pessimistic about meeting new people but they were really nice esp Lilian who stuck with me almost the entire time I was there. sleepy and the pictures are taking like FOREVER to upload on both flickr and here. so i'll just upload esok.. uhhh.. i mean later in the late morning.

I finally found a watermark program! HALLELUJAH!! (however you spell that) k m hungry now so gonna sleep. zzz will edit this post in the morn

it's 7.25AM and i'm uploading photos now!! :P oh i found a free watermarking software!! yay! cause I don't want the whole photo editting software like Paintshop and Photoshop cause I don't edit my pics i just want to leave a print of my name on it. if anyone's interested google Alamoon Watermark.

oh and thanks anyways lil Tiff for helping me lol (see see i did still mention you in my post!) and Ethel who kept me company on msn while i searched for that shitting free water marker thing!

Lilian who i actually just met there! xD

Jun you look so stiff ..

his bro, "David"

say hi to Jun Yeu! lol he looks so sad..

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