Saturday, February 7, 2009

excited about packing

there's only.. erm.. *counts fingers* 1..2..3.. oooh 9 more days till i'm in unpredictable Melbourne again. Still got stuff to buy esp moisturizer and loads of it. I have eczema -___- so tht means i need to buy special creams now. :(

and i was weighing what i have packed so far.. there's still more to come and it was already reaching 40kg!! omg what the hell did i pack?! it's tough being a girl so many clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, beauty products to pack! I still have more clothes to pack and that will take another.. probs 15kg...

and for hand carried luggage tehre's my camera bag, my laptop, my guitar, hangbag and a tennis raquet, oh and a tripod... help?!

my other luggage wasn't big enough so now i've to transfer all my things into a bigger one. damn ma fan la.. no mood for photography either

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