Sunday, February 1, 2009

happy/busy/interesting dayyyyyyyyy

lol tht is the shittest title anyone on this god forsaken planet could come up with.. but it's kinda true..

hello Malacca

wish i had my DSLR then

Oh Chris was flying back to melbourne today and i went to the airport to just see him. He's going off to Perth on the 9th of Feb (STUPIAK!) so i won't see him until maybe later in the year. I'll miss you so so much kor! oh he wore a gay purple shirt which from far i thought was a gay pink shirt LOL! See kor, I love you so so much I went all the way to KLIA to see you, would you ever do tht for me? hmm hmm? haha. have a great trip, landing, trip again and landing again.

lol Chris looks like "ooh cooked algae!"

i wanted to steal they're reusable pretty fork and spoons but Chris wldn't let me :(

his curry was too spicy

my new flaming guitar strap and guitar pick

and my DSLR!!! weee Canon EOS 50D

taken with my trusty Casio

architecture book i bought and testing my DSLR not a nice pic working on it

And then something happened... tyre got punctured near the Taman Bahagia LRT station, so my dad and i got out to fix it. It was messy, dirty, scary(dark LRT station, think of those news) and fun!

the tyre was punctured :O

spare tyre phew!

this was where the spare tyre was from

the mess we made


This proves that I'm good as any guy at changing tyres man. I helped with the jack too in raising the car..

~make me fall for you..

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