Monday, February 2, 2009

in the words of Andy Albert...

"You, said enough, it's never enough to sell yourself for less than love"

and he is so right, and my love goes to my cameras and my guitar and my books! a combination of arts and sciences. (oh and my laptop of course! my connection to the world when all hope of socializing is lost) Speaking of which I'll be gone from the science stream starting this March.. sobs.. i'll actually miss it although chemistry didn't really treat me well I'll miss you Biology! I just hope I'm making the right choice. I'm back in Environments Izziekins and i'm not leaving you anymore lol sounds gay.

Anyways.. I must rant about my Canon EOS 50D. I admit at first when i toyed with i was like.. shit i shouldn't have taken the intermediate one first but I must say I love it, i just need to learn howto use it like a pro first ha ha.

lol now that i got a camera (and am currently familiarizing myself with it) you'd better SMILE when you see me =D

ASDFJHGK!! what's wrong with the picture!!!

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