Wednesday, February 4, 2009

harnessing my skills

not tht nice i know i shd have focused on the boy n girl instead.. grr

curtain tie, i think it's what they're called

I AM SO HAPPPYYYYYYYYY for not just that i finally know how to use my DSLR (not fully but better) without reading the manual (sorry la me lazy...) And today i met Taty, Randy, Renee and the rest of the gang at OU today. I was walking alone at that time. Then when I saw them again my mum was with me and she was like "Ignore them don't say hi to them." So I had to force myself to walk right past them as if I didn't see them.. I don't get her!

oh and also I dropped a size!!!! WAH SO HAPPY!!!!

Wai How was saying how my pictures are "kinda CMI". I dunno if he's talking about my interior deco pics or my camwhore pics. if my camwhore ones i don't mind cause i took it for myself but if he meant my photography ones i did kinda feel hurt. But then I slapped myself and told myself I didn't even actually took the pics seriously all i did was play with the camera so it's not surprise it's not nice right? right!! phew glad i cleared tht up with myself lol

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