Friday, February 13, 2009

you passed away leaving a tear in my heart Friday 13th, 13:13

My ipod passed away today.. Ok this may sound so stupid and materealistic to other readers but I really love my ipod ok and i'd never go anywhere without it and if I did I always feel grumpy as if something's just not right.

I remmeber when I first met you, Poddy. You were so white, dust-free, scratch-free sitting nestled in yr little case in the slim black box. The sales man polished you and had to use 3 screen protectors till he finally stuck it on perfectly because my daddy wouldn't take home anything but perfection for me. You were my 15th b'day present. We traveled 5 Apple Stores just to find you (after the strating of CNY so most shops were closed).

I remember at the Apple Store where I met you I also met some local celebrity and his super hot gf man! But I forgotten his name already. He used to do tht petrol advertisement where you could win cars. (the cars kept changing in the advertisement) I slipped you into a black silicon skin and only a year later I added my red fender pick (given by Alex Teh) to the key ring hole.

later in Hong Kong I got you a white leather cover instead and stuck the End Violence Against Women bandage and an AIDS ribbon on it. MY father also got you yr speaker port in Hong Kong. You would then generate all my songs to suit my mood.

I remember one time in Malacca at the beach I found a sea urchin that I was afraid to touch in case i got pricked and I used YOU to scoop it up. ha ha and you never complained (as if you could anyways).

And In melbourne you were in my bag with my bottle and my bottle cracked and water flooded my bag. You were my main concern. I fished you out of the bag but it was too late water was already inside you. I shook you vigorously forcing as much water out as i could (thanks to inertia). I quickly went home (thank god i was only going to the city and not class). Joyce lent me her hairdryer and I used that to revive you.

I was so afraid (and pissed at myself) I thought I was going to lose you but I connected you to my laptop and you were alive again!!! just yr screen was blurred because the water inside was condensing. I wonder if you had a face how would yr expression have been like.

9th February 2009:
Something was wrong.. after I took you off the speaker dock I felt yr body was really warm, warmer than it should have been. But I brought you out anyways in the car I was listening to you and i noticed yr battery was already half gone. IMPOSSIBLE!! I just charged it 10 minutes ago and I swore it was full. And you kept lagging too. So I got home and tried restarting you and I left you aside for a night.

Then, the next day it was the same scenario except this time yr battery just died within 15 mins. I felt so frustrated knowing something was wrong with you. Thursday I gave my ipod to my dad to have the battery changed. We both thought tht was the reason for yr strange behaviour. I should have given you to him on wednesday but I couldn't bear parting with you.

He came home yesterday evening saying he's gonna bring it to the store in Hartamas (where we first met and you became mine) on Friday, turns out it wasn't the battery after all but I didn't know it was much worse.

ok this is the freaky part, today, Friday the 13th, at 13:13hours my dad called me:

"Tii, your ipod turns out there's something wrong with the hard drive."
"So that means.. I can't use it anymore?"
"Yeah cannot use anymore."
"They can't fix it?"
"No.. so.. you want a new one?"
My mum started shouting in the background "No more, don't buy a new one for her."

ok triple 13s... tht's scary..

well poddy, we've had our good times and bad and u got me through a lot. I miss you a lot. I missed you the moment I handed you to my dad. I love you Poddy. R.I.P.

I insisted my dad to bring yr carcass back home. I shall give you a burial in my chest of memorables. There you'll stay with my past concert costumes, stuff toys given to me from my old friends and my precious CD collection. I'll leave all your skins inside it too, yr black silicon one, the white leather case with the bandage and AIDS ribbon, and the latest zebra case I got for you around xmas time. you've been good to me :) <3

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