Monday, February 2, 2009

took my DSLR to OU

camwhore moment in the dressing room

idk how to blur out backgrounds yet, i really shd read the manual

lol i took tht by accident but i thought it looked nice

can't resist a camwhore moment

OOOOHHHH Yuki might be coming over and we are going photographing together!! i just love her pics!! so nice!!

and she can teach me too lol i'm noob

ok now i gotta go to my sketch of a cottage! lol if i were rich i'd build a cottage in Germany and see Lisa...
Incanto perfumes are lovely... i want the range! b'day prezzie pls someone!

I blurred out Santa from the angel too much xD

i've always been fond of this dolphin pencil holder
i need to learn how to do watermarks Paint is too troublesome ok night!

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