Sunday, February 22, 2009

2nd day at trinity

Was even too busy to blog yesterday. Or write my blog on MS words. Anyways what did I do again? Oh yeah woke up unpacked, got another box and another luggage bag. Unpacked those. Then went to pay Daniel Loh a visit at his office in Clayton. (my dad rented a car). Sky photographing! I just had to since clouds were rare in melb especially patches of them in the afternoon. Came back around 6.30 just in time for the Night Market excursion. Met like several other freshers. Too lazy to go into details of them. Night Market reminded me of Joyce Amanda and Evie!! :’(


Oh yeah there’s a girl here whose name is also Amanda and she’s also from Singapore. She’s the same classes as Jun Hoe I heard. But don’t worry Ama there’s only one MAN like you!


Anyways I found out that Joyce and Evie were staying near me (for the time being) the whole time!! ASDFGHJKL!!!! But I was super and I mean super busy with settling in and N-week (which is still going on) anyways so I don’t have time to see them again though I wanna! We should have an AH gathering at CS since it’s like between all of us.


After night market we went to safeway and hoe bought a fucking lot of shit man!!! Luckily my dad was here and offered a lift back. But after that wai hoe realised he should have taken advantage of the car and bought soap. Oh well..


Went to CS around 11.30 and came back at 1.30am. I had to follow him because he has this bombastic thought that he would get ass-raped if he walked alone. WDF! On our way out of Trinity we bumped into Abby and Clinton and the others sorry can’t remember yr names of who was there. They offered us some cocktail some passionfruit thing which was nice but I was worried about the sugar content inside so I only took 2 sips and Hoe drank the rest and he was kinda tipsy and red after tht. We had a lot of laughs with our AH buddies. Sigh I miss them. Finally went home at like 1.30am.


Around 2am wai hoe called my room saying there was a huge ass insect in his room. And he was fucking scared. So me being super nice! =D went all the way to his room a building away on the TOP FLOOR! And the hilarious thing was the insect took over his room because he didn’t dare to stay in the same room with it so he went out. Then he tried to open the door for me but he spoilt his keycard. Then we went all the way back to my room, called the emergency number and requested to get the room opened. The guy that answered the phone was an asswipe hypocrite. He was all nice on the phone then he forgotten to hang up the phone and I heard him say “These kids are such a pain in the arse”. FUCK YOU! But thanks for opening the ddoor for my friend.


Then when the door was opened there was still the insect problem. Actually it was worse. There was a beetle and a huge cricket as well. I caught them both, released the cricket but left the beetle in the box and threw it in the bin. The beetle was vicious! It was making loud scraping noises in the box that you can hear 5 feet away!


Finally crashed at 4am… Craig Choong Wai Hoe you are one effing hilarious shit~!

got photos but lazy to upload now...

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