Wednesday, February 11, 2009

igot an iphone!!

ok so it's a second-hand. my mum handed it down to me because she didn't really like it after all so we swapped, my Nokia Navigator for the iphone.

my new iphone with leather case, Cedric and the butterfly necklace I repaired =)

not very impressive really the name just makes it sound grand. To me as long as I can set alarms, reminders, sms and make calls on my phone that's good enough for me
oh and here's the photos of my new babies. 2 additions to the family. My daddy unexpectedly bought another 2. I think he's in love with them as well. these are so tiny they're the size of yr standard Faber Castell erasers! And they're freaking restless it was hard for an amateur so-called photographer like me to snap the pictures.
Baby 2#
(haven't named yet)

Baby 1#
(not named yet either)

can you tell them apart?? cause i can! =D they're the cutest things ever!! but soon they'll grow to Lemony's (my first baby 2 years ago) size. that's like.. around the size of our HOI textbook! =O still i love all of them to bits!! My babies i'll have to leave you within a week. *sobs* we didn't get to bond..

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