Friday, February 13, 2009

you're so bipolar!

you want me do dress more feminine and nice, but you won't let me bring over the clothes for me to dress that way.

you want say that I'm useless, but you make use of me

you say I can't do this and that, but you force me to and say you didn't

you forced me to change myself, but still you say I haven't

you say you hate my dressing, but still you want my clothes

you tell me to go shopping for you, but then you don't let me go out

you say you don't want to see me again, but why'd you scold him for not bringing me back?

you tell me to do this for you, and say that I don't do anything for you after that

you give me cosmetics to "prettyfy" myself, but you shun me for using them

you go and leave me behind, and then you say you should have brought me along

you encourage things in me at the beginning, but curse, shun, discourage and torment my failure later

you condemn me and my friends, and say I have no friends later

you say I've no social life, when you're the one that cut me off from it in the first place

you want me to smile all the time, but how can I when you do things that make me cry

you want me to be more like a girl, but when I cry when I'm hurt you just add to the pain

so can you please tell me WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU FUCKING WANT FROM ME??!!

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