Thursday, February 12, 2009

hmm curled or straight hair?

I've been thinking should i leave my hair as it is or have it curled permanently? I'm really lucky I've a mum who really encourages me on these things. Lol and I quote "If you want to spend yr money on improving yr appearance I approve." and I did try the curling thing but all i did was twist my hair in a bun but idk how to make it last! (besides tons of hairspray la cause then my hair will have that crunch sound)

ooh went shopping for formal wear today. my mum was so excited when i asked for corporate clothes that she didn't mind going to 5 stores and I in the end found it!! and I love it! ahah i wanna rewind and do valedictory again even though it was boring shit but at least now i got better clothes =/

finally my digi cam is fixed! ATM my ipod is with some stranger in KL because I've no idea wht's wrong. i think they're gonna perform and operation on my Poddy. I miss him! :'(

oh nicole i found my vodafone SIM card. did you find yr OPTUS one yet?

haha a funny convo between me and the Hoe:

*naf(S)(li)™♠♀†эмỗғrέâқz†♂♠ᆭš...oh well.. says (11:04 PM):
disert correct rite?
-Tiff.T > says (11:04 PM):
what's tht?
*naf(S)(li)™♠♀†эмỗғrέâқz†♂♠ᆭš...oh well.. says (11:04 PM):
i 4got da spellin wtf
not deset
desert a hawt sunny region
da good is wat
-Tiff.T > says (11:04 PM):
*naf(S)(li)™♠♀†эмỗғrέâқz†♂♠ᆭš...oh well.. says (11:05 PM):
-Tiff.T > says (11:05 PM):
desert is the hot place
*naf(S)(li)™♠♀†эмỗғrέâқz†♂♠ᆭš...oh well.. says (11:05 PM):
i thought so
shit whe

luggage update= 59kg!! what the fuck is in my bags!!! omg need to repack again.. haih i hate this

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