Thursday, February 12, 2009

speed up yr breathing

because we're all gonna be leaving soon!! got an sms gfrom Edwin today he's probably on the plane now going to melb. then monash.. :'( you dumb dumb why la didn't you study a bit harder and get into melb uni!! Now yr so far!!

I have no idea whether each of us will really meet up like we had promised each other, will our relationships just start danggling and then snap! We're gonna be in deffirent Unis, doing diff courses in diff suburbs... To all the new friends I've become to close with last year, I'll really miss you all. You've all played a part in my life and I wanna keep you guys in my life but parting is inevitable... even if we don't part now somehow or other we WILL in the end so I guess parting now makes it less painful rather than parting in the next few years to come..

oh and i'm back to my Nokia because the iphone is just too annoying. So troublesome to sms!! Nokia all the way! =D they should take me for adverts. I'm promoting them and saying they're better than the iphone.

OMG just 4 days till i go back?! I don't wanna! not yet! i just hope i didn't exceed my weight limit. oh oh here's a funny ocnversation:

Mum: Tii, I think yr overweight.
Me: Yeah yeah I know.
Mum: What did you put in yr luggage?
Me: Oh you meant my luggage! xD

haha get it?

"when both boy and girl start suddenly shaking inside"

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