Thursday, February 19, 2009

3rd day in trinity

Orientation today! And my dad was flying back as well. I got lost I knew where the building was but I didn’t know how to enter it so I stopped this white-haired friendly man and this young white guy told me where to go instead. Turns out he was a Melb uni fresher and taking environments and planning to major in architecture.


Conversation was easy with him because when I ran out of things to ask/say he had something else to ask/say. Turns out he’s Ecuadorian but without the accent. Cool right? And he was like my teman for like the whole day since we were doing the same course and most likely taking the same subjects as well.


I introed Matt to Izzie, Ethel, Jun Jiang, Isan, Dan, Rafael and Ivan. Those 2 kept talking about footie which I did not know shit about but at least I didn’t have to worry about striking a conversation).


Oh Amanda just called me, she’s at Clarke’s!! woo! And there’s a BBQ today at Sharwood. I just hope there isn’t red meat. Oh wait there will be this is Melbourne! But I hope there’s plenty of white meat as well. But then I keep thinking.. fatttttttttt….


I predict many sleepless nights for me since I’m taking environments what with all the assignments and sketching and virtual designing oh God have mercy on me please.


Dang I ate a lot at the BBQ and I drank a bottle off vodka cruiser lemon. There’s like tons of sugar in there T-T fatttttt speaking of fat I haven’t met up with the tall Ivan yet. Oh and then we played some card-ish game and then some story writing/drawing game which turned out to be hilarious shit.


Just came back from the balcony gathering. I hate moving to a new place and not knowing anyone or how to converse with then because they’ll talk about their own friends and stuff. Kinda left out but it wasn’t as awkward as when we first moved in. Wai Hoe just ditched me to go to CS because he’s suffocating in his room. As for me it’s 11.40 and I’m actually gonna sleep now. I’m so lack of sleep…


Oh and I still wanna go clubbing. Haih.. here I don’t feel as emo as back home so I no mood to continue writing my songs or play my guitar.


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