Monday, February 16, 2009

goodbye to you...

the reason for my title is because I'm leaving the tanah tumpah darahku tonight and also because I'm listening to the song now.I absolutely adore Michelle Branch and Lily Allen. What happened to me and Avril? I still like Lacey Mosley but not the adoring ish kind anymore. all part of growing up?

you can even see my transition through my blog skins, i mean look at it now!! PINK! xD

I was just messing around with my gutiar last night (or 2am this morning) the result of feeling emo but what he said was absolutely true and I wanna improve. It's gonna be hard to match up to you and I can't come close I know because like you said you have experience and I don't but i''ll suck it up and see how far I can go =). Anyways I came up with a random song which I actually liked myself.. but i forgotten how it went already!!! T-T

trying to rewrite it back.. sighhh why didn't i just record it immediately! STUPID GIRL!

And I gained a kilo back!!
oh god what the-!!!! ok let's hope i can resist the food on the plane! why can't be lactose intolerant like Jon? I wanna have my vomitting fest back haha!

Anyways I'm going back to melbourne.. sighh goodbye to:
  1. car rides
  2. delicious CHEAP food
  3. quality shopping
  4. my family who i've bonded with (SERIOUSLY)
  5. my expensive items which i can't bring over
  6. unlimited internet
  7. more spacious room
  8. my pyramid of soft toys
  9. my best best best friends!
  10. manglish accent

"I want you but I'm not giving in this time, goodbye to you, goodbye to everything that i knew, you were the one I loved the one thing that I tried to hold on to"

P.S. do you likey my new layout? I needed to change it before i go back to melb just for fun =D

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