Sunday, February 22, 2009

first day in trinity

I’ve no internet connection here yet.. -.- how come wai hoe gets a cable and I don’t?


I was restlessly asleep during the flight if that makes sense to you. Like I kept tossing and turning in my seat. Plus my butt was not just itching but literally aching to get oof the seat. I hate long flights seriously. Delayed lagi because of one passenger. Grr... WTH Nicole came into business class to say hi to eric but was so inconsiderately considerate to not wake me up :P 

I hope I had burned all the calories I gained eating on the plane today. The moment I landed it was luggage heaving all the way. I already had 3 hand carried items in addition to another 2 luggages and a box. My checked in registered a total of 65.7kg!! I thought I reduced!!! Apa terjadi?


Oh gosh today was just so busy idk how to make this blog flow properly. It’s 1am now Melb time and I’m writing my blog on MSWords. I’m gonna have to get that broadband thing.


Ok here’s the breakdown of the mixdown. After airport, rented car, arrived at Trinity, talked to Peter Campbell, got introed to my room. SUPER small!! Like microscopic! I think he could tell the look on my face although I honestly did try to hide it. Then I met up with Wai Hoe and Grace who were staying in other buildings around Trinity as well.


Hoe got the biggest room with more shelves but it’s fair cause he got the suck-ish bathroom and his room is like an oven during the day and just fair at night. I managed to change my room to Clarke’s where Grace is at. Honestly although it is slightly better in the sense I get a sink and it’s slightly longer but still sucky with tht musty old room smell that I combated with sprits of my Dior PURE POISON.


Oh I must express my gratitude to Wai Hoe for helping my dad and I carry my 32.7kg luggage bag up the 2 flights of stairs to my room! But I fixed his fan for him after that la. So evened out :P (T-T) didn’t get fan for me!


Oh and his room is insect infested but then again so is mine. An average moth has just intruded into my below humble abode. I don’t have the heart to kill it because it was just looking for shelter so I’ll let it sleep behind my curtain tonight and it had better have checked out later this morning. I hope it doesn’t go around promoting my room as a freeloading-moth’s paradise.


Then went to CS to meet several ex-albertians but didn’t stay long cause I had stuff to transfer from eric’s room to mine. My dad had a car so better take advantage of it right? LOL. Had to sacrifice having lunch with them though.. or having any lunch at all. I slept all the way until 5.30pm after unpacking the load. I would have slept longer if Krystle hadn’t called to visit but I’m happy she did. I missed her and Dummy! I miss everyone. Hoping the Saturday Albert House dinner plan works out.


Guest list includes Albert House peeps of course. Monashees are gonna have to come to the city though. Ivan Lorda is on his flight now I think. Sigh… only he, the other Ivan and Handy are the closest of my indon friends that are gonna be in Melb Uni. The rest sudah cabut to Monash. T-T

Had to go to AH to collect security bond and learned something new about my bank accounts. Tomorrow I’ve to bank in my first ever cheque! Lol I wanna get a part time job even if it’s secretly I still just want the thrill of earning my own money.


Anyways went for dinner/my super late lunch with daddy’s friend’s son and wife. Yay!! Now I DO sorta have guardians here. They were really nice. They belanja us dinner at Nam Loong. Remember we ate there (me, Evie, Joycey, Remy) sigh it’s not gonna be us going out for food anymore.. But Daniel works over at Clayton so I’ve an excuse go there at least. He’s so cute he kept persuading my daddy to take desert he even offered to go somewhere else for desert! All I could eat was the lemongrass chicken cause I don’t take shelled stuff or spicy tofu (sadly it was spicy). So Daniel told me to order another dish but I ordered fried ice cream instead. OMG FAT!!!


Then I took my dad to QV Safeway n Big W. I intro-ed him to my usual shopping place xD and bought a shit load of heavy shit! Detergent and softener was the cause of the weight. Then I met a red haired senior here named Rita I think and she was really nice after I showered in the trickle of a shower (it doesn’t deserve the name SHOWER) I wanted to talk to her some more but then Hoe called to go to CS so I went anyways.


Then it was OOHHH my god!! Krystle really did get me the Incanto perfume range!!! Awww~ Thanks, thanks I was like staring at it as if I cldn’t believe she was holding it in front of me and well I couldn’t believe it. I love it!! I so sayang to open it haha. Thank you En tzer and Krystle! =]


Then hoe just HAD to eat after that so went to this pizza place and then on the way back he kept saying he was fat! Why order a large box of chips and accept another slice of pizza then?! Yes! I abstained myself from consuming any of his fattening food despite his attempts of offering!


However I got back to my room and ate ¾ box of strawberry pocky. Tomorrow going to QV Night Market. Sigh just like last year when Evie, Amanda, Joyce and I just *clicked*. I wonder if I’ll get the same blessing this year? I miss you 3 loads!!


Didn’t get to take photos at KLIA as I had hoped. Too many things to carry. Oh well I’ll bring my DSLR to the night market thing. I just hope I can take pictures and catch up with the crowd because I’m such a fucking snail. I hope there will be people that I can click with too… I’ve this feeling that I’ll be alone…


Ah well sleepy. Gonna sleep I’m suppose to wake hoe up to try trinity’s breakfast today. Let’s hope they at least can get porridge right. coffs

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