Saturday, February 7, 2009

it's you...

how close I was to spelling yr name... all i have to do is... it's hard to be patient you know, to keep it inside lying to yrself yr not sure when you really are. I feel like I should tell you even though I can predict the look on your face, the stabbing painful silence that'll follow it and then the rejection after that. No matter how polite you may put it, it'll still hurt.

If you knew the little things you did that can light up my face again within seconds. I just wanna turn you around to face me so I can tell you, through the tears building up in my eyes now that I love you. Yes I really do I'm so sure of it now. I thought I was over you when you gave me nothing but silence, but the moment you showed me a hint of thought I saw a glimmer of hope and it's like all my feelings flooded back again and took over my sanity.

So if I do confess to you, how should I do it? in person? then i'll have to wait till I see you and that is if I even get the courage to confess straight to yr face and accept the rejection like that. my friends said tell it through msn. But I know that there'll be a long silence and in the mean while i'll be hanging a rope to the ceiling fan already (LOL!) ok la not that serious but still anxiety... but then again isn't that how i feel now?

And I think you know too was that the reason for the silent treatment? if that's the case I should remain silent too..

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