Wednesday, February 11, 2009

omg 5 more days!!!!

can you believe it?! I actually forgotten? I thought it was like 9 more days! ZOMFG!!! ha ha i was readnig en tzer's pm and wondering 4 mroe days till what since his b'day past already..

then.. it was like a sudden self-realisation! and the heavens opened up and light shone down upon me. the angels sang, and i did too. It's 4 mroe days to melb and i'm dreading to go back now. I'm too comfortable at home with the food and the transportation (other people driving me) in melb it'll be walk walk walk walk, tram and walk.

and i'm losing my maths touch. siggh... when i was studying it i was lazy to revise it. same with chem but now that i'm leaving these 2 subjects and Bio I'm gonna miss it like crap! it's hard to let a subject you've been studying for years go. I'll miss knowing stuff people don't know and learning things I won't know unless I study it myself. Goodbye chem and maths you have not been at yr best with me but i'll miss you. Bio I love you!!! Thanks to you i felt slightly more confident in my Trinity final exams. now it is time for us to part. ='(

omg i sound so sad and lifeless. Get me out of here!!!

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