Monday, February 9, 2009

luggage update

everyone's (those who are leaving the country anyways) are so hyped (and worried) about packing. Krystle hasn't even started. Kristina is taking her own sweet time..

Me.. I box full of i-forgotten-what is taped up already. and i filled one bag with architectural magazines and winter clothes and hangars and files n books i may need there. Altogether that's.. hmm 13kg +27kg = 40kg!! shit man!!! and i'm not done with my casual clothes yet!! wtv did i pack in there?! how do people stick to the 25kg thing?

Good thing I'm taking business class this timeand my dad's following me so i get around 50kg to myself.. i wonder if my clothes and my other things will fit in that weight range.

I was just reading Izzie's and Nicole's blog and I noticed all the complex vocab they use and I realised how cetek my vocab is.. I feel so inferior... I haven't been my bookworm self in a whole year already. I used to be able to finish a 1000+ paged novel in 3 days but now i haven't finished my Frankenstein and Dracula. I haven't started on my Anne Rice T-T what the hell have i been doing?!!

"One thing is for sure - the Tarot works!" Sylvia Abraham

And indeed they do I've been learning them for around 2 months already and so far every question i asked it was soo soo true.. I cannot put into text how accurate the tarots are. How does it work? is it God talking to us? My mum was freaked that I started on this 'hobby' of mine but I didn't tell her the questions I asked. I've read for my sister several times too. They were all true, her PMR results, her experience in her new school (she asked a week before school started) and now even the guy that she has been crushing on. The tarot showed positive results and well yeah it was defo positive. Now if only mine would hurry up and come true because it showed positivity too. however it says my future will be negative..

tarots are scary but cool!!! who wants me to read for them?

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