Sunday, February 22, 2009

5th day

finally!! someone else in my corridor, James Chruchill (i think i spelt tht right) nice guy. I'm writing about yesterdfay today so I kinda forgotten most details.

All I know is that I'm slowly adjusting here and I quite like it honestly and the seniors are just fabulous!! Like I missed the St Kilda thing yesterday but then I joined htem for kovie night (I already started my late night snacking SHIT!)

I think it was Strictly Ballroom, I know the name is like.. uh... but I really like the movie. sadly only 3 of us first years showed up. WAi hoe and Grace ditched me to go to Big W -__- but it's ok we had a good time.

Then we went to Behan to see (and envy) the third year's rooms! AND REALLY I DO ENVY!! It's wonderful they're all so nice let me name them; Edwina, Yien (I just learnt her name is NOT spelt like the japanese currency Yen after all), Yun, Aru (who is not really a senior by tht much) Jocelyn, Michelle, Simon, David, Sophie.. hmm did I miss anyone out? hope not.

supposedly go to Yien's room to dance but ended up chatting instead. Am at leeper now spamming my blog updating all of my posts and updating my facebook as well.

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