Friday, February 20, 2009

4th day....

Woke up at 2pm-ish and I had to force myself awake there. The I thought I’d get back on track cause I slacked last night and so settle my enrolment but that didn’t work out after all because I was lazy to get my letter from the student services since I changed my course to environments at the last minute! So now because of my stupidity in procrastinating just one dumb letter I’ve to wait till Monday now... I’m wasting tons of precious time!


Then I did some laundry and the effing washer and dryer were both giving problems! They wouldn’t start! I had to wait for around 40 minutes for maintenance to come and fix it and you know what they had to do? He just switched off the plug and switched it on again.. the ****! I could have done that too.


Well anyways been really busy too busy to blog or rather losing the mood to. If I hadn’t made blogging daily a resolution I would have just screwed it but I bet by the end of this month my blog would be dormant. And I think I need to upgrade my RAM what with my photo editing and virtual designing and web-surfing and of course blogging!


I need to get my own internet access!! This is killing me. Anyways met up with joyce handy and ivan for “dinner”. We were suppose to meet at 5 but somehow it dragged on to 7 so I had stuffed myself silly already. Food at Trinity definitely ta pau’s AH food any day! And the lunch lady Connie is just so funny!! Hoe got scolded by her almost every meal! And I quote, “You need your mother!” LMAO!


Then I met up with Aru, David, Yun and Yohana (I think tht’s how you spell it, correct me if I’m wrong) at lygon then we walked to Max Brener’s in QV (Melb Central’s was crazy full). Then came back and Abbie, Clinton, Carla, Tiana and group, I forgotten who else was there! Anyways they were outside drinking (I think they do tht every night?) and called me over. Just stayed and talked with them and I found out there was a lounge/basement/common room!! I was like… I’m such a noob…


Hoe abandoned me and went to spend the night in CS… You know what? Right now I’m missing him a lot… Liz I still like him! A lot lot I miss him loads! I feel like just writing it out here now because I know he doesn’t feel the same about me, never will, I give up hope on him liking me but I don’t know how much longer I’ll like him… But I just wish he would REALIZE what I had realized around 3 months ago… and perhaps return the feelings… Dear you, I miss you, and I can’t get over you. I wish I would be able to see you everyday, hold your hand, show you how much I care for you, how much I like you and when I really like someone I’d put them in front of everything else… lol if only you knew how privileged you’d be being with me.

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