Saturday, February 7, 2009

oh no-s!!!!!!

I'm sorry Lizzie I'm really really so so effing sorry!! I didn't know you DID wish me earlier after all in fact you blogged about me too!! *cringes*

"okay bby, so she says she was expecting a wish from me but didn't get one. Pshh girlfriend, would I NOT post you a wish on the world wide web?? loser, you should know better.

So my dear Tiffany, I've known you basically for 7 years of my fucking life. (Woah, that's long. Not that long but I know it'll progress to 2 digits in time) You have been that kid who loved Jesse McCartney and progressed into Bring Me The Horizon. Wtf. haha. Anyway, you've always been there for me eventhought you've been in a different school and in a total different country. I go to you for advice and talk to you about so many things. We think alike and like the same stuff, we're practically sisters yo! :] Anyway, meeting you has always been a pleasure to me babe and I hope we do get to hang out more and more in the years to come! maybe when we're in Aussie we'll go! Go to shows, take photos together, backpack the country and stalk guys together! :D Yay! Imagin how fun will that be! Haha. I hope you do get what you want this year, because after all, you're legal already! May all your dreams and wishes come true babe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE YOU!!"

WAHHH so sweet!! I'm so sorry dear and yes yes it will be 2 digits i'll so so make sure of that! when it becomes a decade we shd like have an anniversary or something.. not sure what exact date la ha ha. and here's to yr dreams and wishes too! yr handsome my dot! xD

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