Sunday, February 15, 2009

flying back tomorrow

and i managed to cut 3kg off my luggage! =D still cutting off more that means not done packing yet.

I am absolutely addicted to:

  1. Lily Allen
  2. curling my hair
  3. clothes
  4. water
  5. Salvatore Feragamo's Incanto perfumes
  6. accessories
  7. eye make up
  8. photography

I know i'm gonna dehydrate like a fish out of water on the plane! last time my skin ws seriously flaking and plus the weather in melb I'm scared it'll actually crack this time!

Andways I am not thinking of which bags to bring. I don't wanna end up bringing something i won't be using. I wanna reduce the weight as much as possible so i can fit in a few more things =P

weight was 59kg when i weighed =/ dang...

oh my mum went to the Quartz store and went nuts with the crystals! she got me 3 diff ones! and it was seriously pricey :S

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