Thursday, January 8, 2009

another shitty morning..

just read Lishen's blog. ha ha her's is about people being nice to her mine is people being too optimistic and perky. That's just scary.

But back to me, ok this morning usual school day routine. Bro and sis got school i've to wake up as well to help my mum send them off. Why she needs help to send them off when they are 10 and 15 respectively (+1 year in august for both of them) I have no idea. Anyways she told me this time i didn't have to follow and she locked me out of the house!!! God I was sooo.. grr...

Good thing i had my mobile with me and a novel to occupy time. Then my dad woke up and actually called me and asked where I was. xD and then he let me in. ha ha thank you daddy! <3>.<>

oh and i'm totally addicted to this video:

I hope i got the right link. anyways busy making something for my sis (I'm such an arts and crafts person :P) so will post something later.. maybe.. depends if my mum takes my connection away again.. meh..

oh and watch this cover of Realize. John Nathanial is one Canadian indie artist I'm totally amazed by!

"if you just realize what I just realized we could be perfect for each other and we'd never have to wonder if we missed out on each other"

P.S. I am paranoid now :S

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