Friday, January 9, 2009

missing the little bits of Melbourne

Malaysian pasta

Melb's Sofia's pasta

not to put down malaysia i mean malaysia rocks at stuff that melb doesn't like our local food xD but when it comes to others.. like for example pasta.. ok so tht's not exactly one of the best pictures but it's the only one i have.

went to dentist, my appointment was scheduled at 2 but for some reason... @%#&$%@# I had to wait my turn until 4!! and the nurses cldn't be any gayer. seriously... -.- and first week of school already and got kids skipping school or maybe they're just lepak-ing after school idk but seriously I never realised what an eye sore it was. no i've never skipped school, well class maybe but i was still in school ha ha. But yeah I see them at the CC and I'm like.. "Dang, do they're parents know? they're wasting their time and their parents money." And I swear I saw primary students in a group outside the video game store. What's going on with them?!

oh btw to pass the time Kim snapped some 'emo' pics of me. I was listening to Realized and i found out the more i listen to it the sicker i get of this feeling and maybe in the end it'll finally go away.

And Liz just helped me discover another stupid thing about myself. How dumb can I be seriously?? Jon's laughing at me. thanks loads -_- How many bloody dumb things could I possibly do and not notice it myself!!!! die die die die die die die die die!!!!

My MAN loves the video cam!
My MAN's unglam shot of us! lol i actually said unglam!

IDK what caption to put for this so give me whatever comes into yr head tht's related to this and DON'T say marshmallows! lol cause tht's what I was thinking off.

Well since i'm not going to environments in the end i won't be needing my DSLR and my CASIO will still be my one and only image capturer.. not too bad la just not tht HQ ha ha. omg medicine.. can i do it? Nick tutor me maths!!!! haha

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