Thursday, January 29, 2009

it's like another start again

so yeah it's a whole new year according to the Chinese calendar and i just changed my blog skin. Joyce would be so proud LOL. yes pink! but i just changed it to match the picture i put up on the title. That was the pic i mentioned in my earlier post where I took a picture of firecracks and snapped a heart shape in one of them. =D so proud of myself. and i shall stick to my resolution that is to keep this blog updated this year and i'll change the title picture whenever i take a picture that is presentable enough to the public. well cause of the sucky connection my CNY blogging is kinda screwed up like i forgotten what happened and when exactly but it's not like anyone else cares anyways right? oh btw you guys know what arrowroot is right? if you don't look it up.
anyways here's a funny convo that happened at my Aunt's place :
Mum: *eating arrowroot chips which taste really good btw* This is not potato right? what's this thing called again?
Uncle: Aerosmith *stares*
Me: It's called arrowroot
Uncle: Oh yeah, Aerosmith is the rock band right?!
He reminds me of me lol and yes to everyone i did try the sauna. lol it was really nice and there was an internal sound system in there so yh ;) uhhh ok i forgotten the sequence of what happened already.. Ivan's fave cousin came over to our hotel and played video games hogging the TV which had terrible reception anyways. oh and the younger ones came the day before that to play at the beach. Seriously having a younger brother makes me feel like a mother already!
anyways I shall now paste random photos and caption them!! for more details on this CNY
random mango my sis and i found
Kim claimed she could feel the mango's pain
shoe came off and she insisted on a pic

fireworks night

does this look familiar to you? :P i hope it's a sign

Ivan and Keisha

i love this picture loadssss

haha the fire my uncle started
(as mentioned in the previous, previous post)

my aunt and the newest addition to the family, Trisha. this one's my fave!

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