Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NEw Years day (yesterday)

this is an update cause yesterday i didn't have time to go online. My uncle fixed a sauna in my grandparents house!! :O and my mum got totally addicted to it that she'd rahter use it than visit her sister.

Nothing out of the usual. Just visit relatives, collect ang pow but my mum being the type that hates receiving doesn't actually allow us to go around collecting them from relative. It's like they have to come to us to give it. =/ first day and i got RM900. only becuase my grandma gave me RM400 and my uncle gave me RM200 :P

oh and I just loved the dress i used! ha ha I know i am such a camwhore and proud of it :P damn... cannot upload pictures.. damn sucky wei.. ah well will upload when i'm back home too some photos

my uncle nearly set the space near my grandma's house on fire. damn funny la. See kids this is why firecrackers are dangerous.

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