Thursday, January 29, 2009

back to black basics

Yeah due to pressure :P I've changed my hair back to black. it's kinda dried up frizzy now but I can fix that later, sigh whatever to make my mum happy and get me back to melbourne lol. just did it an hour ago so no pics yet.

And I was just reminded of v-day and since i'm at home i'd better plan something for my family.. just can't think of much.. =/ since i'm like so restricted and all. except financially at the moment thanks to CNY.

ok i was thinking of buying a rose bush :P cause flowers won't live forever, tht's for my mum but my dad? and then everyone i'll probably make heart-shaped nuggets and cookies i guess but i need to buy the stuff secretly so tht's my biggest problem i guess.. anyone any ideas? or anyone who loves me enough to help me out somehow?

oh and v-day is on a weekend so tht means everyone will be home.. and most likely wake up later.. but tht's not helping! bgah

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  1. OH. PINK


    anyway, all the best for 2009, will see you when i come to melbourne