Sunday, January 25, 2009

in malacca now on new year's Eve

Ok it was like 2am on a Sunday Morning and I just found out we're going to Malacca in the afternoon. Ok I know I'm blur but really THAT blur??!! I quote Joyce "you suck like shit". LOL. I thought I wouldn't be blogging for days.. O___o tht would just make me lazy to update.

But then my dad fixed up the wireless here so yay! I thought I'd have to pen everything down. Family Reunions are such a joy "rolls eyes" I hope my ipod battery will last me. I stupidly forgotten to bring my charger :(

"they say it's not about looks or status but I can't help weighing them out when I think of that guy. no it's not who most of you might think. it's a different person that only Jon and Liz know about (P.S. yes dear you look very happy shows how genuine yr expression is). Will I be making the same mistake again? Am I just being too picky? What if I miss out? I feel like I've forgotten how to fall in love again or what love feels like. or is it i'm really not interested? then why do I think of him? I'm one damn confused blue chicken!"

Oh my dad got me this really cool pen. It's also a 4gb pendrive and a video camera! I can become a spy now lol. I've a cousin's b'day later. She's turning 9! how precious is that? I took 1 friggin hour to wrap her present but it still looks like crap. I'm sorry Tasha. hope the plushie will make up for the sucky presentation lol. And I wrapped my other cuzzie's (christine) b'day prezzie in advance. Her sense of music is totally opposite of mine so I hope she'll like the present because I don't! haha.. will update more later

omg if any of my friends from melb or even in m'sia see how i'm dressed now they'll go OMG Tiffany? My 3.5 inch wedges make me taller than daddy. oh that and i'm dressed all corporate cause my closed minded relatives will shun me if i wear what i normally do at this age. I've to put my punk style aside for a few days. *breathes in* I can do this!

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