Sunday, January 18, 2009

being psychic runs in the family??

omg this is so scarily accurate that I just have to blog about it like IMMEDIATELY!! I cannot stress it enough!

ok my mum told me about her dream and it was me and her going to watch this show right and in her dream the guy I like (yes most of you know who) actually asked me to the show but I told him I was going with my mum.

And then when my mum and I arrived at the show I saw him at the other end with his arms around this other girl and when he saw me he quickly put his arms down and according to my mum I was merajuk-ing like crazy I wouldn't talk to him or even look at him adn the dream ended there.

Note, this is my MUM'S dream!! And at the same time (around there) I was downstairs at the computer because I couldn't sleep I was awake until almost 4am cause I was thinking of whether to tell him or not and then I saw one of my friend online (u know who u r) and so i talked about it with my friend and then i brought up that I think he might like someone else (_____________) name to be private and then my friend told me she heard that it was true tht he does like her so I was... well didn't know how to react about it... Then after I went offline I talked to my abang (adam) about it and actually talking it out made me feel a way lot better that I could sleep again.

But the point is! She's right! DAMN FRIGGIN RIGHT!! and it happened the same time when I found out the truth too. lol I think God sent me a sign but for the wrong prayers. I was asking about Science or Environments not this! but then I'm very grateful I found out before it was too late. I could have made a HUGE mistake!

Well anyways speaking of Adam I miss him very very muchly. We only knew each other for a year plus before we became bro n sis because when I first met him my fren liked him and he didn't return the feeling and I sorta thought he was just.. lol you know.. but after getting to know him I realized I couldn't have lived without him! I love you loads Adam!!! thank you for being there for me whenever I need you. I haven't seen you in around 2 years already but our friendship is still strong and I hope forever it'll remain strong! Yr the best abang and one of the best friends ever!! Sad I coudl only find one photo of me and him :( this was the day I left Sri Inai. I'm happy I got to know him before that.

See I put this picture eventhough this was one of my worst hairstyles ever. See see I sayang you ha ha! here's to better love lives :)

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