Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm a button mushroom!!

well it'll be the type of funghi i wanna be because now i've been trapped at home for so long that i don't feel like going out anymore... no zest also.. =/ tomorrow it's suppose to be the albert house greeting. Ah all the random muffins ha ha. but then I've no transport.. well i kinda do now tahnsk to jun lin but then i haven't exactly got a reply from my mum about esok. Now I dunno if i can go.. or if i should go.. which would just be so plain weird since the 3 of us, jun lin, dummy and I planned for it and i was advertising it too..

did another recording and borrowed Kim's shirt for it ha ha but then deleted it in the end for personal reasons >.<

Kim and I went around our area again just to get away from SUMONE's constant nagging. and we went to this abandoned house and:

oh and then one of those rakan cop people (i think tht's the name for them) motorbiked past and then he did a U-turn cause he caught us creeping in. here was the convo (translated in english so joyce can understand):
Mr Cop: you're not scared? (to enter the house)
Me: Nope, why should we be?
Mr Cop: seriously not scared?
Me: Nope just taking pictures.
Mr Cop: You two live around this area?
Me: yeap
Mr Cop: where?
Me: SS*/*
Mr Cop: with yr family?
Me: uh-huh
Mr Cop: get home safe k?
Me: k *smiles and waves until he's gone... and then goes back inside abandoned house*
oh and then took some "emo" pics for fun as you can see i chose a bad time to wear that stupid Sg Day shirt. ha ha.. so anyways... Science or Environments?.. gah

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