Saturday, January 10, 2009

the days to Uni draw closer

no accomodations and i still shitting don't know what to do. well there's two choices enter environments and become an architect or go for science and work my way to medicine. HELP! ok so i won't exactly take any advice from anyone unless they're experienced. I just felt like saying that out loud and running in circles stressing over it... OMG just realised we're out of green tea~!

oh and my latest addiction besides ice-cream... Mentos sour mix! just can't resist them! and i stumbled across this mentos addict blogger who even orders rare European only mentos flavours online.. =/

ok i've nothing else to blog about ha ha.. hmm oh! I sorta did a cover of Holiday Parade's Walking By just a few hours ago. I just love thet song and Holiday Parade is a fantastic indie band and they're still Indie and they reply fan mail! weeeee~

*waits for camera to charge*


*uploads to youtube*

*waits... for a super long time...*


*link copied and pasted/ embeded*

Hope I didn't screw it up too bad though.. I know I look like shit -__- hey it's youtube you don't get all dolled up right? I'll do a new one though when I look close to presentable. View it please and comment if you can :) thanks everyone!

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