Monday, January 12, 2009

changing hair style again?

well ok this time i was thinking i so a layered side swept fringe let the rest of my hair grow long. blacken the bleached part of my hair and then do messed up streaks and then colour them blue! I just love these scene hairstyles. They're the best! but they totally fry yr hair.

I'm like bored out of my wits here. Every morning my butt is always placed in front of the comp. It's become such a routine that i'm even malas to msn or anything. if it wasn't for my resolution to maintain this blog i probably would have ditched it too. but then again i can't live without internet either.

Anyways nothing special today. My friend and I were just discussin what song i shd cover next. I was thinking of doing a cover of Flyleaf's I'm so sick ha ha scream fest, or maybe something mellow like Secondhand Serenade's Broken. but i'm scared i'll mess that one up.

and i was doing some reasearch agian on what course to take.. it seems science is like really risky. I don't wanna be a friggin science teacher!! But architecture.. god what if i'm not good enough?


Albert House people, gathering at 1U this thursday at 12 (jun lin wanted 11 at first) -__-"

hope to see you guys tehre and i really mean i hope to see you guys there cause I'm not sure if i can go ha ha ha. Krys! if you wanna come then fly here for lunch then just fly back la. lol. Joycey fly here too!!

Ok atm i'm waiiting for juju to come online so i can ask him how'd it go getting hr number. And TEo I miss SALLY!

oh and Thankies little Tiffie for being the first to subscribe to my youtube! hee <3

it's a love story baby just say yes

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