Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This is yr b'day present!! xD
I'm writing this 1 hour in advance lol. just in case something happens at midnight and i can't post it or whatever. I know you'll love it xD
BIG NOISE, he was suppose to be a mafia so he wanted the eyeliner thing.. or was it me tht forced him... eh can't remember
collected his dps. he took this when he was apparently stressed lol usually he hates taking pictures.

ok i don't rememebr when was this but he looks pretty with Ama's headband ha ha she has more pictures of his hairstyles go ask her.

Wai wai, 18 already, yr a man!! *coff* lol new year, new flaming bag ha ha see you in Melb *hope I get in Trinity residentials too* I didn't have any more funny pics of you and I couldn't get Amanda online to give me so sorry la 3 only ha ha. eh i got recordings of you singing savage garden ha ha and rapping!

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