Thursday, January 8, 2009

jon wishes for hearts all over the world!!

aww so sweet of him. wishes you luck too with your love life!! he he Jon and I are playing Chris Brown's With You at the same time atm. I swear he acts like he's 15!


I love Marie, my guitar and all but I think i made the wrong choice cuase the sound isn't that nice =/ ah well.. i'm not tht good either. People like John Nathaniel and Teddy Geiger are just so oh-my-god amazing~

Anyways today boring again so like I said i made something for my sis. Ta-dah!
Do you know how hard it was to stitch it to tht bag?! And how many times I pricked myself. -__- Well anyways, it's also a reminder for when things get down and ugly just look at the bright yellow bag and..

Just smile :)
"I'm so close but it feels like you're so far, would it mean anythin if you knew what I'm left imagining in my mind"

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